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Want to buy in San Francisco

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Hi all,

I just moved to San Francisco after a long time being carless in NYC. Now that I have room for a project car, I'd really like to bite into a 2002.

My budget is about $4500, maybe $5000. I'm looking for a daily driver project, straight and low rust, preferably a roundie, and preferably a blue (though I can always repaint). Nothing too tricked out -- I'd prefer something that's close to stock so I can make the upgrades as I like.

Any of you know of any cars for sale that are along these lines? (I haven't seen many blue 02s on the SF craigslist or ebay lately).

I've checked this one at Beyond2 (http://beyond2.com/mikes-blue-plate-special-1969-bmw-2002-all-original-un-molested-true-survivor/) as it's almost what I'm looking for (I love the rare-ish color and the early design), but it's a little out of my price range. Or, has anyone here dealt with Beyond2, and would the "dealer" experience make it worth extending my budget?

Thanks, and can't wait to join the "club"!


**Just posted this in the BayArea forum, but thought it might get more notice here**

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Welcome to the Bay Area!

Sorry I don't have any specific information on available 2002's in the area, but just wanted to say Hi and let you know there are a lot of us 02ers in the bay area if you need any help. You were right to post here since the regional sections don't get nearly as many views.

Lets us know when you find a car. We'd all like to see it and help with any questions you end up having.

If there is any suggestion I can give it would to be patient. I jumped on the first Tii I found available and I wish I had waited a bit longer. But I still love my rolling restoration, but I wish I had held out for the right color. Hopefully I will move to a place with a garage soon where I can actually get started on the real projects I have lined up.

Happy hunting!

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I might have the car you are looking for. A '71 Blue Riviera 2002. I have owned this car for six years and decided to go another direction. I have owned four of these and I know what they are like.


Strong motor

Recaros (great shape)

New carpet


SS lines

Poly bushings

15" Wheels & new tires

Plus I won the triple core radiator and header from the '02 meet two years ago. Great addition to the car.

The clear coat on the hood and top and some issues and a little rust. This car is from Sacramento CA. For the price of the Beyond 02 car you could have this car with so many more additions. I'm looking for $5,500. These cars are getting harder to find....especially the Round tailights that are decent. These days $3,000 wont buy you much.

You can email me at [email protected]

Best, Jim

'71 2002

Alameda CA


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