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Should I be worried?


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I put a completely rebuilt motor in the car last season, broke it in over 500 or so miles and put a total of 3500 miles on it. I changed the oil after about 50 miles to get out an possible debris left behind from machining. So here the rub; I was doing some winter maintenance on my 02 which included an oil change. I have a magnetic drain plug and when I removed it I found a tear drop worth or stuff which I can only describe as having the appearance of anti-seize. I very fine metallic goop if you will. I think this is due the rings and cylinders wearing in but I like the hear what you guys think.

See images below





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the short answer.

that is perfectly normal.

long babble,

i have built too many motors to

count and during run in i change the oil

alot and use a magnetic plug just like

yours. that is doing just what it is supposed

to do. not everything that falls from inside

the motor gets sucked up into the pump and

then stuck in the filter. you will continue to see

that condition for the life of the engine. wait untill

the motor is really run in and it feels even

stronger than it does now. you will love it.

20-50 oil in the summer and 10-40 in the

winter. use only quality filters.

good luck


stone racing co

phila pa 19123

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Thank YOU for doing an early oil change and examining the magnetic plug. Some folks just drive and drive and drive and never think about all the tiny bits of paper towels, shop rag lint, using too much silicone sealant, metallic particles from machining and unclean work areas while rebuilding an engine.

Jim Gerock

Ruby Red 73tii built 5/30/73 "Celeste"

Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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I agree with all of the above. Normal for a new break-in. BUT, I hope you've changed your oil more than just after 50 miles and now at 3,500 miles. A new engine does create a lot of shavings as the rings set.

I rebuilt my engine a couple of years ago and changed my oil at 50, 500, 1,500 and 3,000 miles. I'm now plan on changing it every 3,000 mi. The engine now has 4,000 since the rebuild. It's running amazing.

Check and set your valve clearance. Then retorque your head.


73 tii #2764014

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I'm with Stone and Mike-

that looks normal for a fresh motor. Actually, that looks pretty GOOD

for a fresh motor. Pleasant lack of large pieces!

It should show a bit less on the next change.

If you want to see more, open the filter- that's where larger particles may be.

My oil change cycle's not much different than yours-

one after the first real heat cycle and cam break- in, if needed,

one after the first day, (4 heat cycles of a half- hour, usually)

and then normal intervals after that.

Unless I think there might be something else up, or I was in a hurry

and didn't clean as much as I should, blah blah blah.


"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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