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DO NOT TRY THIS at home (charging your car battery)

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A coworker who owns a Honda CRV left her lights on during the day last Tuesday. Another coworker jump started her car and told her to keep the engine running for about 20 minutes to charge the battery (battery replaced about 1 year ago). She drove home and parked the car in the garage...

She closed the garage door and forgot about the car running..WITH the heater on.

She woke up coughing about 3am and thought there was a problem with her furnace (natural gas fired). She called the local gas company emergency line and they sent someone out immediately. Right when the gas company employee came into her house, she recognized the smell of engine fumes throughout the house and dragged the owner outside into fresh air. They opened the garage door and the car was almost at the point of overheating from lack of air circulation.

The fumes had seeped thru a pet door from the garage into the house, almost killing my co-worker during the night from carbon monoxide poisoning.

She had left her purse in the car and it had melted one handle since it was in the floorboard and the heater left on.

She had just filled the tank up the day before.

I was both frightened and dumbfounded when she told me about her ordeal .

Be safe folks!

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One more reason I avoid attached garages. Friend of mine parked his old Dodge Dart in his attached garage years ago. Smelled gassy when he went inside, but then again it always smelled gassy. Barely made it out as the place burned hours later. 5/8" Type X sheetrock will give you time, but won't save your house from the fire or the water.

Can't remember if the Dart was covered by his auto policy or his homeowner's policy.

Ask your friend to nix the pet door and install a carbon monoxide alarm.

She won't close the garage door on a running car again. You never forget the rattlesnakes you almost stepped on.

Glad she's OK.


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These new cars are too quiet! There's another reason to put an exhaust on your car! The whole neighborhood knows when I'm home. ;)

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