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Tii linkage question

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from the gas pedal linkage to the injection pump linkage it has two holes for the rod to go into. should it be in the hole towards the front or back of the car? or is it an allotted adjustment to make up slack?

my throttle body is not opening all the way ,this looked to be a solution ?

have not swapped it to the rear hole yet as I had no time tonight

thanks in advance



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Can you answer this first?

I assume you are saying when you go WOT (Wide open throttle) at you pedal, (pedal to the floor), the throttle plate does not open fully.

Need to know, when you go WOT, does your Kugelfisher go all the way to P4?

P4 is the the fourth position in the cogged type lever. Does P4 line up with the hole in the body of the pump?

P4 (WOT)






P1 (Idle)


The hole in the body of the pump


Tool (the orange pen is pointing at it) inserted threw the cogged lever into the hole in the pump body


The reason I ask, if neither the throttle plate nor the pump is WOT, the adjustment needs to made to affect both, usually at the pedal box.

If it is just the throttle plate not opening, that may need adjustment at the pinch plate on the intermediate shaft(s) just below the throttle body.

Report back

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The butterfly inside the throttle body is not opening all the way at WOT.

Is there another link to those pictures bill?


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I understand that the butterfly plate is not opening fully but we need to know is the Kuglefischer opening to P4 with the pedal to the floor? Same question I asked above. We need an answer to that question.

There is not a link to those photos, I took them in the shed and posted to my Photobucket account. I can e-mail them to you if you send me an e-mail

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ok, couldn't view the picture from my cell phone on a computer now I can see them will update my findings later tonight

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Good stuff already posted. Watch out if you move the firewall linkage connection upward - it might contact the rear air cleaner snorkle and you certainly won't get WOT from the pedal.


The other area to check is the vertical connection to the throttle body.


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Hole to the front is the correct location for the linkage.

Listen to Bill he knows what's what. It's tough to get a sense of the P4 alignment without the tool shown in Bill's photo, though, while the pump is in the car. Some folks use an allen wrench I believe.

Instead of my wife's foot, I use a small spring clamp to hold the pedal on the floor stop while I'm checking WOT settings under the hood.

If you don't yet have a set of tii tools, keep your eyes open here and on ebay. They make the initial linkage setup (which you will be doing shortly) a breeze. Oh, and download a copy of the tii tuning guide. Think it's available via the tii register, along with a video.

Good luck!


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The p4 tooth is of by about a 1/4 tooth at WOT. i now have a understanding of the problem ,

Thanks for all the input much appreciated

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