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How to check if my 2002 is a real alpina ?

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I just bought a 1971 2002 . has a bunch of alpina goodies. and it also has an alpina serial plate riveted in the engine bay on the passenger side next to the strut tower.

could someone tell with the VIN#

I will post up the serial # on the alpina plate/badge.

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need photos and motor number

Many! close-up photos all over

and would it be too much to ask

for a Bill Of Sale with Alpine stationary?

such a thing did exist on real ones.

could be like the Hertz Rental Shelby Mustang?

Only 1,385 were made originally-

but now 1,598 are known to exist

(i made up the #s just for demonstration purpose)

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a real Alpina should have papers :





buy a book or two and read-up


Author: R.M. Clarke

Format: Paperback, 140 Pages

Item: 128668

ISBN: 9781855204911

Publisher: Brooklands Books

Series: Performance Portfolio


Illustrations: B&W Ill: 180

Size: 8 x 10.75 x 0.37

Weight: 0.938 lb.

Published: May 27th 1999


List Price: $24.95 $18.71

All discounts based on list price.

No trade discounts available from sale price.

In Stock

Buy from Another Online Retailer

DescriptionReader ReviewsAlpina tuning parts was set up in 1965 after the successful conversion on the 1500 saloon. During the 1960s and 1970s the company grew and was soon acknowledged as the leading performance conversion specialist for the marque. Later the only way that Alpina could keep within emissions control and noise regulation was to build the cars themselves. During the 1980s re-engineered cars were built at Buchloe. By their nature these bespoke cars are rare. This book contains contemporary road tests, model introductions, driving impressions, technical data and comparison tests. Models covered: 1600/2000, 2002, 3.0 CSL, 320i, 320, 528 Sports, 630CSi, 333i, B6, 630, B7 Turbo, 2.5CSi, B9 3.5, C1, B10, C2, C2 convertible.

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"real" alpina is hard to describe. unlike the current alpina procedure which is to take possession of your new bmw once it leaves the factory and modify it, the original alpina was a set of parts you could order and install that would not void the warranty and increase it's sportiness. Especially early cars. I'm not aware of "vin plates" on any alpina. most of the time you ordered a package. Such as an A1-4 engine, gearbox, suspension, flares, etc. A 3 gauge pod dash add-on is an option but that's not to say they've never been made since. The value is usually determined by if they have any papers documenting the alpina purchase and how many packages they have. IE is it an A1 motor only? or is it an A4 with the ITB's and FI, high compression pistons, 5 spd CR box, inverted alpina shocks in the back with upgraded alpina brakes. The value of those two cars is a mile apart.

Most alpina cars are pieces of alpina parts put together and that's just how they were done.

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Guest Anonymous

Interestingly enough, working on a story right now for my blog on a "real" AlpinA A2 car, factory build sheets and what not.. Lots of pictures and info to absorb and format. probably be up by end of the weekend.


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The badge does not look authentic. Looks like it still has the plastic film on it.What parts came on the car?

theres no plastic film its the glare of the flash

. i emailed alpina de. so maybe they can sort this out.

Alpina Nardi Steering wheel.

Alpina stress bar.

Dual webers.

recaro seats.

alpina header.

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this is the badge.

reckon that's simply been added by someone at a later date. Not sure when alpina changed their logo, but it's certainly the later style, and why is there no info stamped on it other than one wobbly number?

Get some pics of the car up.


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poser Reproduction tag

new rivets

no patina

too new

no stamped weights data

and vin # is for 1971-1973 USA model


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No Alpina.

had a 320i motor when it was sold in 2006 in PA.

Was on Ebay in Jun '10 (Moorpark, CA) & had 2 x 40s & 5 speed and RUST.


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images of REAL Alpina tags :


note all the data stamped, and stamped in neat



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That car was still a good buy at $1000 on Craigslist. Hopefully it won't take you too long to sort out the mechanical and electrical issues and get it back out on the road.


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