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Fixed stripped spark plug hole

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So a while ago i decided to change the

plugs for the first time since I acquired

the car. Got the tools layed out and

started replacing them. First one comes

out fine but the second one I can hear

metallic crunching noises. I take it out

and am threading the replacement in.

It threaded all the way but wouldn't tighten

down and seemed like it was skipping a

thread or something. I had to drive the

car to and from school and just left it

alone and replaced the rest of them.

It has always bugged me so I was

researching on some fixes. There are

helicoils timeserts etc etc. Then I saw

that someone used a "back tap" and it

fixed there problem. I drove around

with this problem for a while then finally

decided to fix it this week as I had off

from school the whole week. I ordered

the back tap and it came in today. Got

the gloves on and the tools ready. It must

have only taken 5 minutes from start to finish.

I'm glad this solution worked and that I didn't

have to spend $$$ on costly repairs. Here is

the item and it has honestly worked wonders

and saved me a lot of $$.



Hibernating during the winter


Next up. Fixing this leak


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Sorry to be the pessimistic one, but that may be a short term fix. If the plug was rotating in the hole and not tightening, your threads are probably (IMHO) almost gone.

I had this happen and used a thread chaser to clean up the hole. Worked like a charm. A couple of years later after another change of plugs, BANG the plug blew out of the head at highway speed. Threads totally gone.

Enter stainless Timeserts. Used extensively by Porsche owners on aluminum heads. Not only a permanent fix, but much better than screwing into aluminum. Don't even think about Helicoils.

You may be ok, but beware.

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With this you put it all the way in the plug whole at the end where the threads are supposed to be good. Then you tighten it a little and back it out. I could feel that the threads were all there and in some spots they felt like they got cross-threaded. The plug snugged down fine and I should be good to go but will check it time to time. Thanks for the head up!

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don't worry about oil leaks (unless it's on to the exhaust!)they preserve the underside of the car nicely !!

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