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New to me 74 2002

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Guest Anonymous

Hi Folks:

I've been lurking here for a while and this is my first post. New to the 2002 scene, but, not the brand. Current lineup includes 2 E36 M3's +1 E93 M3. One E36 + the E93 are bare bones stock, and 1 E36 is a fire breathing, supercharged monster with the suspension of an old Roman charriot and I hate it! I will be selling it soon and taking its place is a mild mannered 2002.

I'm having some body work done to the 02 now which includes the turbo air dam and fender flares with the wheel arches trimmed accordingly, plus fresh paint in two tone blue and white theme. Car has some aftermarket Ceres 13" basket weave wheels which are growing on me so they may be refurbished and put back into service.

Not familiar with these cars at all and want to get the suspension and tire configuration hammered out before I start ordering parts. I am considering the Bav Auto lowering springs and Bilstein shocks, but am worried about the turbo air dam being too close to the ground if I drop the car 1.5". Furthermore, I want to fill the flared arches with rubber, without having to worry about rub. I'd love to put the Federal 595's 205/60/13 on the current rims, but, also plan on upgrading the front brakes with a kit from Top End Performance.

This car will get treated to a fresh rebuild with a bigger cam (low compression in 2 cylinders) and will be used as a street car only. More of a tribute rally car that looks like it took a wrong turn of the course and ended up at Starbucks.

Does anyone have any input on the spring/shock/tire/brake combo?

I'd post a picture of the car here if I knew how!

Thank you in advance,

Steve - Crosby, TX

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go with new tii front struts, calipers and disks.

Plenty ample brakes even if you decide on a track day.

Standard BMW Quality parts that are off any dealer part shelf

without worries about warranty, quality, performance, fit

and reliability. You mentioned another brake 'upgrade' but

will it fit in your 13" rims ? Nothing wrong with the 13"

setup - just forget about stuffing in huge brakes like your modern cars.

Don't forget - this 02 weighs 1,000 LBs LESS! than your other

cars. You don't need huge brakes.

I'd say H&R springs with Bilstein Sport shocks at all 4-corners.

Stock anti Sway bars mounted with urethane bushings.

This is plenty tight, zero lean. Again plenty in reserve for

track day. Keep it simple.

Welcome to the meeting,

bring more questions and please provide photos as you go.

and SteviRay, Rule No.1 :

please delete your duplicate post

This site takes a few moments to respond and load

when you SUBMIT. don't CLICK ' again - it will load.


This is a slow vintage site just like the cars.

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Welcome Steve!

Here's a link for how to add pictures-it can be found stickied in the For Sale section.


Sounds like you have the car planned out pretty well. Tons of info on here and willing members to help you out.

The turbo air damn will have plenty of clearance with 1.5" springs.

What is the offset/width on the 13's you have? That will determine if you can run them with flares (and not look goofy). You'll need a wide wheel/low offset to fill them out, and a 6" wide wheel with 205's won't quite do the job.

Good luck-looking forward to seeing pictures.



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