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76 Charmonix - Houston Texas

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8 months ago I bought my first 2002. I needed a project to keep my busy and since I own a modern BMW, buying a classic BMW seemed like a good idea.

Well after a small fortune, much blood, sweat and tears, i'm nearing the finish line.


th_120428523_20120922_165337_122_392lo.jpg th_120428443_20121015_180513_122_552lo.jpg th_120429986_20121222_120408_122_480lo.jpg

th_611204303_20121222_120529_122_591lo.jpg th_112043182_20121222_120536_122_414lo.jpg th_112043160_20121222_120542_122_256lo.jpg

th_120432247_20121222_120551_122_938lo.jpg th_120433819_20121222_120618_122_4lo.jpg


th_112052933_20121015_172520_122_33lo.jpg th_112053015_20121015_180248_122_443lo.jpg th_120531261_20121015_180537_122_1069lo.jpg

th_120532733_20121118_154612_122_587lo.jpg th_120533408_20130103_171006_122_201lo.jpg th_120534642_20130202_134218_122_189lo.jpg



th_119707688_20130210_194155_122_520lo.jpg th_119708186_20130216_120905_122_207lo.jpg th_119709112_20130216_120919_122_70lo.jpg

th_111971059_20130216_120930_122_466lo.jpg th_119711420_20130216_120945_122_117lo.jpg th_111971193_20130216_121000_122_338lo.jpg

th_119713819_20130216_121017_122_336lo.jpg th_119714656_20130216_121054_122_384lo.jpg th_119715281_20130216_121105_122_136lo.jpg

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Hi Stevenc22,

really glad to see a Houstonite in the mix. I've been looking for a faq member in the Houston area to trade ideas and inspiration with. Your ride looks really nice. I'd like to talk with you, hopefully get some ideas on where you go your body work and other stuff done. two-0h-2, three 9 oh-seven 5 two oh.


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Just when you think you are done, you're not.

Steering box leaking bad and notchy, so replacing with a rebuilt unit.

Diff starting to whine, so replacing with a rebuilt unit.


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