The Saga of Stanley, my 1972 2002

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Jeez, it's been a little while!  Things have been progressing slowly, mostly because the barn I manage has been eating all my free time.  And no, I didn't make it to At the Vintage.  I wanted to, but life got in the way, unfortunately.  Here's to next year!


My dad is a wonderful human, and has been working on Stanley as much as possible.  He has: 

Worked out kinks with the lights, and fully installed the headlights/taillights (also necessary for street legal-ness)

Pulled the doors off, installed the window glass, and reinstalled the door cards

Got the bumpers rechromed (and they are SHINY)

Installed the dash, and...


We FINALLY installed the windscreens last weekend!  One step closer to actual driving!  I have installed the carpets and weatherstripping.  He also decided that the seats should be reupholstered, because apparently cracked plastic and leaking dry horsehair is undesirable.  They look absolutely lovely, but they're not in the actual car yet.  


So, it's slow going, but it's going!  My job for this coming week is the radio/center console, which I believe will be easier said than done, but fingers crossed.  




Dash/windshield installed (ignore the patched steering wheel, that's not the "nice" one)




Super shiny chrome



Stanley's butt (yes, Stanley was used to store cushions for a bit there)


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Thanks Jim!


Ugh, my "painter" and I have had many discussions.  An addition to the list of things my wonderful dad has done is - paint the car.  We built a paint booth in the backyard (yes, in north Arlington!), and even though I asked him to wait, since I'm slightly more detail oriented, he painted the car while I was at work one day... then took the booth down.  There is a lot of overspray, and he missed spots!  I was not pleased, but hey, it's painted.  I was able to touch up the spots that were missed, but the overspray... yeah. Eventually we will get it professionally done, but for now, it's yellow and I'm happy (and it was super cost effective!).

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