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The Saga of Stanley, my 1972 2002

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Thanks for all the support guys! I'm getting excited about the possibility of having a cleaner shell, I must say.

Marshall and Jim - you guys are totally welcome to come if you'd like. My dad and I will probably be able to tell if it's worth it or not, but as he said, the more the merrier! It's located in Rockville - here's the craigslist ad:


From what I can see it has rust behind the rear tires, especially on the passenger side. Other than that, from what he has shown it looks relatively good. He told me there are spots here and there, but nothing major. Can't tell until you see it in person, though.

I've already been thinking about what I would transplant from Stanley into a new body... probably not healthy since I don't even know if I'm getting this shell or not. But most of the interior will be the same, and the engine, obviously. So yeah, it will have the same heart! I'm getting a tattoo of the front grill (been in the works for a while now), and my tattoo artist and I are trying to incorporate Stanley's VIN somehow. I do like the idea of mounting the VIN somewhere! I have to say, I am curious as to what this guy's VIN is, since Stanley is also a 72. I wonder how closely they are related. Guess I'll find out soon!

Oh, and Jim, I had not seen those ads. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out now! I actually just saw the first 02 here in town, a dark green ... I think it was a square tail. Lives right by me and I never noticed![/url]

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I´d strongly recommend that you ask someone like Marshall with you for a third opinion. Old cars can hide a lot of rust(I guess you´ve realized), and you´ll have to know where to look to find it all. I would be suspicious for a car with rust on the rear fenders. That is not all that common on 02s, so if there is rust on the fenders, there is prolly a lot more somewhere else. A good light, and a mean screwdriver are your best friends.

Maybe you could go with a cross and the vin-number under the grill? Like on tombstones. Unless you are planning on a rather big tattoo, incorporating stuff often makes small tattoos look weird, because it gets too cramped to actually catch the essence. Saying much with few words is an artform. Saying nothing with many words is a indication of poor understanding.

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I went to go look at this car much more... cautious than I was when I went to look at Stanley. To be honest, Stanley was a done deal before I even saw her again. I noticed all the rust, but it was like my brain didn't comprehend that it was there.

This car was a different story. My dad and I went to go look at it thinking, yeah it may be a good deal, but we were very, VERY weary of the rust. Turns out, it wasn't that bad. There are some rust spots, especially in the floorboards, but the rockers are solid, as are the axle supports. Other than the floors, the major rust is in the trunk, shock towers, and the a posts. Same places Stanley has rust (though we'll probably transplant Stanley's trunk into the new body since it's cleaner), save for the rockers, etc. Everything other than the roof has been taken down to bare metal, which is VERY nice not to have to do! I also got a clean nose (it has one spot that needs to be patched, but it is 100% better than Stanley's nose), and two brand new fenders with the rolling chassis. The PO races 2002s, and he had a ton of parts in his warehouse. I didn't really need most of them, but it's nice to know he's there as well. I told him about the FAQ, so maybe he'll get on here and post some stuff.

Interestingly enough, while we were looking at the car, one of the owner's friends stopped by... and he used to work on Stanley! I don't think he remembered my car, but I recognized him immediately. Very knowledgeable, and was brutally honest about his buddy's car. So, if anyone has any dealings with Sandy or Dennis (last names escape me at the moment) in Rockville, MD, they are really great guys... even delivered the car to me since I don't have a trailer!

A couple pictures:



Then there were two!


The vins... Stanley's on top


Primed... and some Magic Hat


Thankfully it's supposed to be beautiful tomorrow and Tuesday (about time!), so I'll be rolling the body out and power washing as much as I can. Coming soon... chopping up Stanley *sniff*.

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hmmm, must not have raced in a while. i will ask around at summit point this weekend. (SCCA race).

saw your post about the 2 o2's for sale...i thought the same thing when i saw those come up....you could have had LOTS of spares!

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If it helps, a wise old friend of mine told me that, after 30 or 40 years cars are allowed to become like George Washington's axe. The handle's been replaced a dozen times and the head's been reforged only a couple times, but it's still withstanding the test of time. Cars like Stanley only die if they are forgotten, abandoned or discarded.

I'd say clean up the new chassis, transfer over everything that's worthy, paint her a color that makes your heart sing and keep driving Stanley well into the future.

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Wow, didn't realized I haven't posted since April!  I've been doing these things called JPRs, or Judged Pleasure Rides.  Basically, you go on a several mile long horseback ride, and every so often you have to navigate through some sort of obstacle.  They're a lot of fun, but they take up a lot of time!

This guy has been my main distraction from working on Stanley 2.0:



Anyway, on to the car(s).  I haven't made a whole lot of progress.  Just patching a couple places here and there.  Since I'm still learning how to weld, and I'm not... great at it, I've only been welding in places that won't be seen, like under the carpet.  I didn't take pictures of them, because they're not pretty.  Oddly enough, my first weld in the trunk is the prettiest by far.



First thing - new car got a good power wash.  It was actually in really good shape, and pretty clean.  I was impressed.  But some holes had been patched with just aluminum plates riveted in, so those were removed.  I pulled out the dash on the new car, and the wiring harnesses from both.  I think I'm going to need to fabricate at least part of a new harness.  Thank god I'm good with wiring!


Harness in a box: 




So after I removed all the wiring, and pretty much stripped Stanley 1.0, I took a long break, just welding here and there.  Ya know, welding while it's 90+ degrees outside is HOT.  But last night I was bored, so I did a lot of work.  I've been meaning to start chopping Stanley 1.0 for a while, since it would be nice to be able to use more of the carport.  But my dad didn't want me to, since he though I may need some of the parts.  While he may be correct, what I will need is very specific, and I can chop most of the car up without getting into what I will need.  Plus, he's out of town!

Stanley's haircut:




And the final product for the night:




So if anyone needs any metal, I'm your girl.  The roof is in awesome shape, but the rest of Stanley 1.0 is rather so-so.  Hopefully I'll finish chopping this weekend, and I'll be able to move my crap around and take up more room!

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Ugh.  I just posed a full update and my computer froze and it disappeared.  Grrrr.


Ok, well I think I'm long overdue for a Stanley update.  Life has gotten in the way, namely the addition of horse #2 and my decision to go back to school.  Also, I don't like going outside when it's cold.  But now it's warm, so outdoor work can resume!


As of my last update, Stanley 1.0 had been slightly chopped, and I had just started welding on Stanley 2.0.  Well, welding is done, and Stanley 1.0 'tis but a pile of scrap.


Nose clamped



Welded and rustproofed.  Looks like a real car! 



Spare tire well welded.  So much nicer than the previous one that was rusting out.



Pedal box, before and after.



Be jealous, my differential is prettier than yours!



The remains on the Stanley 1.0.



So one of the obvious improvements was new bushings all around.  I had pulled the rear subframe from Stanley 1.0, sandblasted it, painted it, replaced all the bushings, and redid the diff.  


We raised the car up and pulled both the front and rear subframes to finish welding. I hate having it on jack stands, because I always think it's going to fall, even if it's completely fine.



I also got presents!  From myself.  New brake lines, seals for the steering box and diff, front bushings, engine mounts, and a steering coupler.



Finally... rear end on the ground!



There is a long story with the rear end, but basically, one of the pieces my dad welded was slightly bent, blocking the left side support from sliding onto the bolt.  Took me way longer than I'd care to admit to figure that out!  The front end actually went on first, save for the struts (waiting for safety wire), but those should be going on this weekend... and then Stanley 2.0 can get a bath!


My pretty refurbished struts:



Next up... we start painting.  My dad is relatively experienced with painting (crashed his racecar often), so he's anxious to "help"... meaning he will do stuff while I'm working.  I will update again as soon as some paint is on the car, or on the test pieces we're shooting first.  Golf, here we come!

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Lots of work going on at your place.  What is your goal for completing Stanley?  Are you going to the Vintage later this month in NC?


My goal... right now I'd like to just get it running!  You talking dates? Or what I'd like the finished product to be?  I don't really have a time frame, but definitely sooner rather than later.  Mostly finished by the end of the summer, if possible, or at least drive-able.  Need to find a windshield before any driving is possible, though.  Finished product would be back to her former glory, like she was 10 years ago (without the rust and bondo).


I WANT to go to the Vintage!  Most likely without Stanley, but my sister lives down in Chapel Hill, and I'm off that weekend, so who knows.  It sounds/looks like a great event!

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You could always go to Vintage for inspiration and ideas.  Lots of nice cars to look at.  I determined that mine was about the 7th nicest roundie Verona tii there.  It's crazy how nice the cars are.


Really Saturday is the main day.  You'd just need to swing by Saturday mid-day to catch all the cars.



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yes...come to vintage!  party in hotel parking lot thurs night, rally friday, party in hotel parking lot friday night, walk around and look at cars saturday, party in hotel parking lot sat night,  depart(y) sunday morning.    see the trend there?   :)

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