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New member, Spark plug wires toasted

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Hi all, I've been getting some good use out of the FAQ and Forum and haven't had the need/opportunity to post yet. This is a great resource.

The car is a 76 ex-california car with the smog crap removed. It has a 32/36 with the sync-link, electronic ignition, no muffler, and a homebrew strut-brace that's working out pretty well.

Shortly after buying the car in october, I replaced the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, and installed pertronix. The car is burning some oil (presumably through the valve seals) but it's my commuter so I don't want to pull the head until it's warm enough to commute on the moto.

My problem is as I went to install my header I noticed the spark plug wire terminals looked grody.. Upon closer inspection i found that 2,3 and 4 are blistered and cracked. I'm not sure why they would only last 4 months, but I'm curious what you think could have caused it. The car has a black coil with an orangey end and I don't think it has any external resistor. I do have the timing advanced past the ball, but it doesn't knock or anything. I also haven't changed the jetting for the sync-link but it's running fairly well, just a little flat spot off idle.

The only thing I can think of that may have caused it is a couple weeks ago one of the exhaust studs fell out and spewed oil all over. The car has been running fine though.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome, i think I'll order the IE silicone leads so I don't have to deal with this again.

here's a family photo by way of introduction:


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spark plug terminals are the parts that are looking bad (blistered,etc), not the wires themselves.

Do you have any type of heat shield (either the original sheet metal one or the E21/E30 exhaust manifold gasket with built-in heat shield) installed to protect those terminals from the exhaust manifold heat? If not, you should.

If there's no evidence of misfire or poor spark plug performance, I wouldn't worry about it too much; I've used some pretty gnarly ones with 100% success despite their appearance. But I would shield 'em from that hot manifold...it'll help protect the wires too.



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that's correct, the wires look ok. One of the connectors fell off the wire when i pulled it to check on the plug. I just ordered a set of wires and an e30 gasket from blunt, so hopefully that will solve my problem.

I am installing a tube header, should i use exhaust wrap on it?

Yes, style 32s are dope, especially on a boat. :)

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