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:: LAST of my Stash! ::

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Hi all! im moving and need all this good stuff out of the house ASAP. this is the last of my stash!

If you want any item(s), please email using the link above. it gives me a better idea as to who nabs something first. PLEASE pay as soon as possible after i send an email back saying what is available. PLEASE, my time is VERY limited to wait to see if you still want an item after you say you want it to begin with. sorry, not trying to be a jerk, just trying to save time.

Local pick up is good too. im in colorado springs, co. thanks all!

i except paypal personal payments (to save on fees!)

Bilstein HD front strut inserts- Almost New, less than 500 miles on them. Part # 1108p30 0023ho $256 new price for both


Stock Springs off my old 69 1600. dusty but really nice. (brown/green, and green/blue/green - for those who care about which ones they are)

$35 shipped in the US for the set of 4


Upper Strut Mounts/Bearings - NEW by Ruville made in Germany

$80 shipped in the US for the 2


:: 2 Red Center Roundie Tail Light Assemblies ::

They are both LEFT drivers side lights. Originally on car early cars older than '69 (im pretty sure but could be a little off on the year)

1. pictured on the LEFT side of the picture below. This one is in really good shape. The lens is nice, no cracks, or burns. Includes the plastic cover on the back of the housing.


2. pictured on the RIGHT side of the picture below. This one is in decent shape but not as good. lens does have one slight crack in the clear section but is not too noticeable. There is also a burn mark in the left lower red colored section as seen in the picture. no plastic cover on the back of the housing. overall still in decent shape.



:: 4 Clear LED light strips ::

I was going to retrofit these into the tail lights



:: Early Passenger Door Card - tan/black ::

Vinyl is in really good shape with no holes or tears. Just needs to remounted to a new back panel.




:: Early Passenger Door Card - black ::

Vinyl is in really good shape with no holes. Comes with a new back panel but could still be glued around the edges.


:: Bosch Rear round Red Fog Light ::

A really cool piece. These Bosch's are really hard to come by. Measures about 6" across. Plastic lens is in really good shape. Chrome back housing has some scuffing on it typical of its age, but still in really great condition.


:: Brake Master Cylinder Lot ::

includes NEW grommets, elbows, and cloth braided brake line


:: Brake Master Cylinder Rubber grommets ::

extra set i have



:: Exhaust Stud set ::

NEW studs, copper nuts, and exhaust gaskets


:: Exhaust bushings ::

where the u-bracket meets the tranny


:: brake booster set ::

everything NEW from the booster to the intake manifold including a cloth-braided line!


:: Seat distance rubber ::

will do one seat where the seat latches below the hinges


:: Heyco tools ::


:: Fuse lot ::

assortment of NEW 5A (hard to find!), 8A, 16A, 25A bullet fuses


:: Bulb Lot ::

assortment of NEW bulbs for taillights, turn signals, gauge cluster (not pictured), etc


:: NEW Clips and such ::

door panel clips(on the right, enough for about one door?), beltline trim (enough for a whole car), sunvisor clips


:: flocking ::

one bag should cover one glove box


:: books ::

priced left to right, from top to bottom - $25, $35, $40, $6 shipping included


:: haynes manual ::



:: make an offer! ::

heater hoses, raised letter emblem for hood i think, etc...

SOLD UPDATE: hood roundel, air filter, condesor, points SOLD


:: make an offer! ::

handbrake button, door lock buttons, etc...

SOLD UPDATE: handbrake button, door lock buttons, headrest bezels SOLD


:: lot of sticker,and decals ::

some i purchased, others were generously given to me by other faq members and i wasnt able to use them. 1 "respect your elders!" is SOLD


:: Hella rear fog ::

my last one!! this one is in really good used condition. chrome is very nice.


::'71 -'73 cluster surround ::

make an offer!


:: over 3 yards on really nice vinyl ::

very expensive stuff - perf dot pattern like on later cars seats


:: 2 yards of gray elephant skin vinyl for trunk boards ::

kinda hard to see the texture in the pics though


:: NOt pitctured - stock pass side seat bottm vinyl in black ::

was going to use the center section to replace the drivers bottom seat section

make an offer!

"Helmut" '73 2002 Touring ~ verona red :: sold march 2013 - so sad :(

"Hans" '69 1600-2 ~ florida green :: sold september 2012 :(


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Hello there!

I'm interested in the book:

BMW Profiles - The BMW 02 Series The Cult Car

The thing is I live in Montevideo, Uruguay, and was wondering if you were willing to ship internationally, I have no problem on paying for the difference.

Please let me know...

Take care,


Ok, Let her rip!

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