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Update 2 on items.

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I still have a few Items for sale. Any reasonable offers welcome. Doing some early spring cleaning and need to make some new room. I would like to get this stuff out before I just leave it for the can. I don't want to lug to my new place. Hopefully they can be put to good use for somebody.

Here is a list:

Working 4 spd tranny that came off my '71 about 1999/2000 when I did the 5 spd swap. Just needs slave and shift platform. $10


CROW Ent. 5 pnt harness, punched Feb 07. Good condition, no tears or frays. $10


Dodge Viper Oil cooler. Cooling face measures 23x4.25X1. Uses AN10 fittings. Went a different route. $10


Front FB Fenders. These are 5lb ea and in good shape. I cut the lips off for a turbo flare but lost interest in the project. You can either re-glass them in or finish cutting for flares. Local only please. $100


E-mail with any questions. I will try my best to get back to you in a timely manner. I work grave yard all week, days suck for me. Weekends are full with side work. Hope to get this stuff cleared out by the end of the month.

Here is the full link for pics if interested. Go to arrow on Show Albums and Stories on left of pics. Look under, FAQ For Sale AD. MOESPEED2002 Library is private, but FS is public. You wil see pics and albums of items broken down.


Im in California, Eastbay 94566 for local pickup. Willing to ship small items if needed. I do accept PAYPAL. You may also TXT at Five One OH-343-153 Nine. TIA



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Well at one point, I was goiing to the the Japanese Skyline GTR look. Where they hang the cooler out in front and run hoses threw the grill, but then decided to clean it up, and go for a more stelthy approach.

I have been watching your build for some time now it's looking great, hope I can someday drive my car like you are right now.




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