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Anyone know this Inka roundie

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'Trust him' Harv...NOT!!!

for 1.3k yeah ok...you should know what you are getting...

For 13k you should be able to inspect that thing inside and out, checked out by Moses himself if you'd prefer...

Just my thoughts...Hope all is well Harv.


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Same car was available on Craigslist months back for $9500.00. I tried to buy it but the owner had all sorts of contingency's.

I did the same. Seller explained how he was upgrading a few more things and after first call, jacked up his original asking price.

Left it alone, several months later seller calls up asking if still interested at $13k!! I told him good luck. I had seen this car before and after digging through some emails, I know for a fact what he paid for it originally. PO to him

did not know him at all. He was def in it for big profit.

As of now, he says he sold it for $13k.

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Looks like I know it pretty well. Haggled with the owner for 2 months trying to come to a deal on this car. Finally flew out to Sf Bay and bought it after having a shop check her out. I also saw the previous listing with the lower asking price. Finally settled and paid 12k for the car. Being from the east coast rust free is really hard to find. May have over paid a little and the owner was shall we say difficult to deal with but she ran 4 days and 3400 miles with no trouble. That being said I was the poster on pelican that gave the warnings and the only way to deal with him was face to face.

So for good or bad I've joined the roundie club and have included a few photos of her on the trip. Using her as a daily driver.

Thx Girt

Also thanks to needscoffee for all his info on the car that prompted me to fly out. Thanks.

Sorry photos are not loading..

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