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Socal Partout Updated 2/16 Mercy Kill Complete

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City of Industry, CA

Still clearing out the garage. Would probably end faster if I stopped buying cars. I am putting most things up on ebay as I don't have time to monitor in the forum. I will be putting up items throughout the week so check in a few times.


For you socal guys I have the shell of the 71 1602 that will meet its sawzall demise in the next couple weeks. If you can use something below, let me know.

For those of you driving a '76 in CA, I do have the title on this car should you want to buy the remaining shell and "swap" all of your parts onto it, make an offer via email. If I don't respond you have your answer.



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The mercy kill is complete. Did you know that rats can nest in the rockers?

Local pickup only in City of Industry.

Some pieces below. If you want them just email an offer. I don't know what to charge for metal...and I am not expecting much.

Rockers - Mid span only as edges has some rust and took liberal cuts for the quarters. Both sides. Metal shown looks to be in real good shape.


Drivers Rear Quarter and Shock Tower - Tower is sweet, quarter is good if you like to hit things regularly


Passenger Quarter + Shock Tower - Tower is sweet again...quarter is decent. 1361065151475_zps7e85bb06.jpg


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All pieces can sell seperately. Rockers are listed on ebay right now as a pair.

Floor pans will go up on ebay tomorrow if one inquiry doesn't follow-up.

There is also the roof and a dinged up partially rusted nose section (probably the cleanest cut I made too). Roof is free. Nose....a pack of sawzall blades (3 pack, metal, dewalt or better).

Any cut not listed is in the driveway...if someone needs some oddball chunk like the front shock towers just ask.

Volunteers to pick up what doesn't sell....not required. I can scrap or shoot what's left all by myself.

...and thank you for chiming in to confirm $19 wasn't a bad starting bid for the towers. Maybe I should chop those out and consider shipping to areas that use road salt.

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