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Need opinions on what this car is worth

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My buddy is selling for 1968 1600.

First off the car has a salvage title. Reason being my friend got rear ended at around 5 miles an hour. The damage was very little. But the cost of the bumper was more than the car. So it was salvaged.

The rust is a little scary, but I don't think it is that terrible. Floors seem solid, so does tire well (one small hole). All the glass is good.

The left frame rail is little scary. But it can be fixed.

I drove the car today. It handles really nice and runs very strong. The transmission shifts very well too.

Here are the specs:

2.0 liter motor

5 spd conversion


320i rear drum brakes

Panasport fakes (but nice ones)

New Falkens

Electronic Ignition

Bilstein shocks

Ireland Springs

Newer bushings

Momo wheel

Euro signals

Ireland rear brace

New plugs w/ good wires

Lights, signals, horn, wipers, temperature gauge all work

Speedo needs a new gear, also needs a tachometer cable (not working).

The car comes with the following spares:

Oil and filter kit

Brand new Weber 32/36

Weber 32/36 manifold

Left fender

Rear end (tail light sheet metal)

Ireland race dash

Ireland rear brace

Whats it worth?





















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I think I've seen this car in Hermosa Beach. I love cars like this that run great but don't have to look the part. That being said, there are photos of rust, and that usually means that there's more rust around the car- especially since it's parked near the beach. I'd say 3k max. I do hate to say that though, because I want the value of our cars to increase.


'68 Caribe 1600-1563167

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That car doesn't look scary at all for a Floridian..You could sell that as rust free in Florida...This is what we are finding.. count your blessings...all these cars I have found in the last few years..



Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

69 2002

04 GTI 1.8T Daily Driver

1974 2002 (Wife's car)

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From the paint in the trunk it looks like it was originally a "Florida" car. The rust isn't horrible, but it's the rust you can't see that worries me. It probably isn't a candidate for a Pebble Beach restore, but would be a fun "rat-rod" daily driver with a little more work, (wiring, body work, rust repair). I would put the value somewhere between $2K and $3K.



1970 BMW 1600 (Nevada)



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What color was the car originally? From the trunk photos, it looks to have maybe been Nevada?

What it's worth depends on who is buying it and why. Someone might want it as a rat rod, someone else who likes early cars might want to restore it back to a more original condition and sell off the hi-po bits, and someone else might want to clean it up, make it look nicer.

The rust doesn't look to be that bad.

I'd guess between 1k to 3k. If there aren't many offers and he needs to sell, he may want to consider replacing the wheels/tires, Ireland bits and steering wheel with regular ones and sell them separately and the car for less.


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