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Bucket List Item #1 - 02 Wanted

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Hi -

New to the forum. Lots of great information here. I've had two different 76 02s many years back. After significant performance mods, the first 02 met an untimely end in a crash. After some looking I found another 76. I parted out the wreck and installed all the performance parts on the second car. I gave the wreck to a friend who resurrected it. The name of my second car was "Lowbeam" and she was a blast to drive. For some strange reason I sold her to a high school kid from Morgan Hill CA to buy a 73 911T CIS. Still not sure why I did that. After 20+ years I've come to my senses and I want another 02.

I still have the 911T CIS but it will be sold to help pay for a portion of this effort. If any of you know of some one looking for a 911T please let me know. The 911T CIS was built the second half of 1973 and came with the much more reliable Bosch electronic fuel injection. The 911Ts built in the first half of 73 still had the mechanical injection system. In that respect its a rare motor. Its not running at the moment. The car is in the SF Bay Area.

I wish I was as knowledgeable and skillful as the guys I see on this forum that do their own restorations, but sadly I am not. I will need to use local BMW shops and perhaps shops from out of state to complete this dream of mine. I will also need to be economical about this. So here are my initial thoughts on how I might approach this and I would appreciate any thoughts or guidance.

I am currently looking for a 73 or older with good paint, straight body, decent interior but not perfect. If it was a driver now that would be a plus as I could make the modifications I want, motor and suspension, over time. Finding a car like this has been a challenge. What I have found are a couple stripped and painted cars, minus motor and interior that I could have finished. I found one 69 like this and I could get a 73 with it that was a wreck. The engine in the 73 has the E12 head so it would be a good rebuild candidate and the 73 interior could go in the 69. There will be an extra expense to get the two cars here. Anyone know how much that might cost? The guy with the 69 would do the motor for me and drop it in the 69. He is not interested in doing the rest of the restoration. That means I would have both cars shipped to me and I would need a local shop to do the interior, suspension, and trim.

This process will take patience and $$. I have the first but the second will be a challenge. Like most, I will have to do this in phases. So I would be interested in any thoughts on how I might save a few $$ on this process as well as any guidance on my overall approach.

This is truely a bucket list project as I was recent diagnosed with cancer so I have begun living for today from now on.


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