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ID Solex 40´s, please?

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Those look like Solex 40 DDE (I think!). Slightly different than 40 PHH.

Ask about the existing venturi and jet sizes and if the throttle shafts move smoothly.

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those look like solex PHH's to me. the swiveling link on the one that's upside down suggests these came off an 1800ti or 2000ti.

rebuild kits comprised of gaskets, primarily are available from an eBay seller out of italy. i got a rebuild kit from a company called Royce (or maybe Royze). Jaymics might be able to supply a kit too.

only rebuild one at a time so you can use the other as a guide, they are rather complex.

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you need to see the model numbers stamped

on the carb bodies to know what they are -

before you buy!

INFO for bmw SOLEX Neue Klasse Ti carbs





......and for 1602 - 2002 Ti





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Wow, thanks!

I´ll probably pass, though. I have other things to do, apart from rebuilding these things. And buying them, sending them back and forth having them restored would add up to about 900. If a general rebuild is what it takes. A bit above my off-the-list-to-budget..

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" chicken "

Hrumpf.. But cheap? Maybe. Seems pricy to me. Mostly cause I would like to follow that up with another cam, I´d need another fuel pump.. And so on. Not in the budget, right now.

This seems easier, for the same stack of money:


But maybe not as cool. And not as much hp.

Well, there´s a lot one would like to do, buy, and have..

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