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First start of rebuilt DCOE / 292 M10

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Built the motor early last year but had been waiting on the bodyshop to finish off the paint. Rebuilt with IE 9.5:1 pistons/rockers and mech distributor. Schrick 292/valve springs. Port matched inlet/extractor manifolds. Pair of 40 DCOE Weber carbs. Plus a JB Racing 228mm Alloy flywheel. All fed by a facet electric pump thru a fuelking filter/regulator. Oil pressure came up straight away after a couple of cranks on the starter motor. Connected the coil and replaced the plugs and after some fiddling withbthe dizzy shevwas away.

Ran it for 30 mins to bed in the cam. Then ran it for a further hour to tweak the settings. Oversized alloy rad and 'tropical' spec fan kept the temp gauge just under half way up the dial.

Check out my quick youtube video..


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Yes RHD for Thailand. The manifold is 4-2-1 from a UK company called Fritzsbits (fritzsbits.co.uk) it's stainless steel and beautifully made. It is however a very close fit around the the steering box. plus my brake and clutch reservoirs have been relocated away from the heat. I've wrapped it to hopefully keep the underbonnet temps down.




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Hey Paul.

The linkage is made by Sytec Motorsport. It's available from a bunch of sites online. They make pressed steel and billet ally versions for Weber and Dellorto with either single or double cables. It's designed to have the cable attached directly to the throttle peddle but easily modified to fit the 02 replacing the rod linkage.

eg: http://www.motorsport-tools.com/engine-bay-carb-linkage-kits-c-17590_17591.htmlk

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