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Keep it Old School South Florida vintage BMW meet!

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Hello guys from South Florida -- We are trying to setup a meet on March 3rd.. the e30 guys started the thread from another site...

Here it is the information --- http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=277887

Hey guys so a couple of us south Florida guys were talking and we haven't had a daytime bbq/park meet in a while. So this it is now official! It has been posted on e30tech, BFC, and of course r3v. Can some of you guys that are on the 2002faq and e21 legion copy and paste this and post it over there?

The meet will be held at Markham park on march 3rd. If someone that is more familiar with that location, that would like to suggest a spot inside the park where to meetup I'm open to it. It just needs to have a charcoal grill and good parking for our cars lol.


THIS MEET IS PRIMARILY FOR VINTAGE BMW's! Basically e30, e34, e31,e21, e9, 2002's etc. Anything pre 1992 is welcomed to come and hang out.

If you show up in a newer BMW your more than welcomed to participate but please give parking preference to the older BMW's. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!

The meet will start at 10 Am and run till whenever people choose to leave. These meets are usually pot luck style, meaning each one of the participants brings some kind of food for all of us to partake. A couple of the guys already stated that they want to bbq and drink some beers. Fine by me. Please guys if you plan to eat food and partake, bring something also. Anything counts, I just don't want people to bring a ton of stuff and people who dont bring any food eat all of it.

We can either rent out a small shelter, ($72) or we can just meet and bbq on one of the camp sites. I need to know what you guys want to do.

Lets start a list of who is attending, and what they are bringing. If anyone has any questions feel free to pm me or call me. 305 989 six three seven eight

Or you can send me an email to my73bimmer at yahoo dot com.

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