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More 2002 parts for sale in MT!

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OK, So here are a bunch of '02 parts that I got with the car that I bought. I DID NOT pull them/see them work have anything to do with them except for pull them out of a box that was in the trunk. I can describe them as they were described to me. Many of you will know much more about these than I will.

If you have a question or need something measured etc. please email or text 406-594-599SIX and I'd be happy to accomodate you. Also, as in my other posting of parts I will reply to the e-mails/texts first and check in here less frequently. I am just making up the prices based somewhat on what I've seen and sort of what I think it is worth to go box, ship etc. If you feel I'm way off (high or low) you can let me know. I really would like these to go to people who will use them and not just clutter up my shed. LL

Front calipers, They are heavy so shipping may be $$$ I was TOLD that these are tii calipers and if you know how to verify that I am happy to do so. Hard to see in picture but the holes look to ba about 90mm apart $50

Camber plates with some grossness/corrosion come with 3 allens, you will need to get the other 3 $15 SOLD

Plastic fan $15

Carb air cleaner adapter(?) $10

Wiper motor $20

lug wrench $10 SOLD

Pair of steering arms $20

Water neck '69' $10

Brand NEW driver's door striker $15

squirter motor nozzles and bracket, these and the bottle in my other post all for $20 one tab broken off of motor, included.

Nice looking steering coupler/rubber dealie. $10

Distributor housing $10

Seat belt clickers $15

Brake MC $20

Exaust hanger and plastic piece $5

Rear sway bar end links $5

Brand NEW carrier bearing in unopened bag. $30

'hose air bypass 2002tii' $10

Brand NEW points and condenser $10

Pertronix plate and signal generator, needs magnet ring (I've not been able to locate) $20 SOLD

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