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Nice mirrors, weber 32/36, starter, ign, brake parts & m

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I'm selling off some parts from my '74 2002 to help fund the next step of its restoration. All parts are used, some moreso than others. I'm not too familiar with the different variants of certain items like the alternator & distributor, so if you need me to look for identifying features or take some more photos just let me know. Parts are located in northeast Florida, I could do local pickup if desired. All prices include shipping to the continental US, most likely by USPS or UPS. Please contact me at [email protected]

Photos here, they should be in order: http://imgur.com/a/KxoZX#0

1. Door mirrors. Very good condition, blue tinted glass. Driver's has a crack in the rubber/plastic piece which holds thegoes between the glass and the mirror housing. The glass seems secure though. Passenger side is fine. No rust, damage, or dents. Comes with the gaskets (used but servicable), grubscrews, mounting bars and screws. $75 for the passenger side, $55 for the drivers side or $120 for the pair. These are one of the few cosmetic items I would be happy putting back on the car when it's finished, but I'm going with aftermarket 'bullet' mirrors instead.

passenger side mirror sold, passenger side sold

2. Bosch remanufactured M10 alternator. I'm not 100% sure on the condition of this. The battery in the car was not in good shape, and I believe the ignition light may have been on dimly at idle. Asking $35 shipped and I'll give a full refund within 30 days if this turns out not to work properly.

3. Standard 2002 Brake master cylinder. Removed from the car three weeks ago and stored in a ziploc. Did not leak when it was installed. $25 - sold

4. Aftermarket front caliper. This was fitted to the car shortly before I bought it, It's less than 2 years old and has I would estimate under 2000 miles on it. Not shown in the pictures but the pad retaining pins are included. I can't see any kind of manufacturer marking other than what appears to say H80. Looks be in good shape, I've left the hard lines attached and capped them at the unions. Just one caliper, not a set. $40.

5. SOLD Weber 32/36 manual choke carb. Rebuilt & cleaned 250 miles ago, new accel pump, venturi and choke butterfly screws, float needle, and gaskets/o-rings. Ran pretty well on my car, throttle response was much snappier after the rebuild. Includes the throttle linkage rod (some wear on firewall end) and I will include the manual choke cable too. Also includes a cheap no-name air filter. My car had excessive blow-by so the plastic crankcase vent elbow has been sealed up with a rubber bung & silicone sealant. I expect this would be easy enough to dig out should you want to hook it back up to the valve cover. $60 SOLD

6. Bosch remanufactured M10 starter. Seems to be in good shape, car cranked over strongly although I've got nothing to compare it to. $40


7. Bosch mechanical distributor. Numbers on the side read 0 231 151 008. Not immaculate but worked while it was on the car. I'd be happy to look for any identifying features to try and figure out what kind it is. $30 sold

8. Single electric horn. My car only had a single horn, nothing special but it works. $10

9. Bosch ignition coil (Blue). Says portugal, 952 251 on the bottom. Does not include mounting bracket. $25

10. M10 intake manifold. Bought this to replace mine which was cracked, but never got around to installing it. Gave it a good clean. Includes carb mounting nuts and washers. $35

11. M10 thermostat housing. Looks pretty clean inside & out. $15

Thanks for looking.

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I'd like the passenger side mirror. You will include all the mounting hardware correct? How do you want to get payment?

Thanks Steve

Yep, I'll include all I have - the mirror, rubber gasket, the metal strip that screws into to the door and the two screws. Plus the set screw in the mirror. Paypal would be preferred please, if you could email me at [email protected] I can reply with my paypal address (it's not the same email).

thanks very much.

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