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photos from my summer trip to Europe


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Hi everyone i promised a few of you guys some pics from my trip in the 1502 with my girlfriend down to Italy.

Heres a selection of photos as i took millions as we went so many places but even then theres loads so i apologise if its too much!

We drove through France to the French Alps then across the St Bernard pass to see the famous Dogs and Then into Italy to Turin, then Florence and then back up to Lake Garda and Verona. From Then onto Interlaken in Switzerland and a spot of paragliding at the Eiger!

heres Bridgitte all clean before we set off

photo beforedeparting_zps9c8bd3ad.jpg

and then Jenny my girlfriend doing a spot of driving to Dover

photo jpcar_zpsbbcd9f28.jpg

a quick stop on our way through france to show off my creepy gloves!

photo car2_zps9327945e.jpg

photo car3_zps9c112ade.jpg

photo car1_zps0f06e86d.jpg

photo car5_zps04668e3b.jpg

a quick stop in Chamonix to visit a Friend

photo car7_zpsb43711a1.jpg

photo car8_zps0537f833.jpg

photo us1_zps3f23b6c5.jpg

photo car6_zpsb6db943c.jpg

photo girls_zps481718af.jpg

and then onto the St Bernard Pass where we visited the monastery and met some famous Dogs!

photo dog_zps58f2a2d8.jpg

photo dog2_zpsdb348b06.jpg

photo swit_zps42975bd0.jpg

photo berna_zps524baa06.jpg

photo pup_zpsc1725a50.jpg

then on to Turin

photo ital2_zps8af6e789.jpg

photo ital1_zps3d6d617b.jpg


photo turin_zpsbb3b6b2b.jpg

photo ital3_zpsfe572fac.jpg

first breakdown! some kind of heat related flooding? stopped at a petrol station and then wouldnt start. above the throttle plate was full of fuel!

photo break1_zpsbc5cf1f8.jpg


photo flor_zps9f1574d1.jpg

photo flor5_zps5c56630a.jpg

photo flor4_zpse37be70e.jpg

photo flor3_zps34e23453.jpg

photo flor2_zpsfbcb871f.jpg

photo flor6_zps1cafe02d.jpg

In The Cathedral in Florence like many of the sacred religious sites in Italy girls exposing skin are given ponchos to cover up with Jenny wasnt happy about!

photo poncho_zps4253f351.jpg

so she made it a roncho instead haha

photo roncho_zps63250565.jpg

Lake Garda

photo roadgarda_zpsaa051fa8.jpg

photo satnav_zpsd301cebe.jpg

photo ferrry_zps312583bd.jpg

photo garda1_zps9ec832f6.jpg

photo garda2_zps8a14c985.jpg

photo gardaview_zps0e64667e.jpg

photo gardamoon_zpsa89101f0.jpg

photo garda_zpsaa2eb026.jpg

Then Opera in Verona and a Visit to Juliets house and the famed Balcony

photo opera2_zpsfffdb7f3.jpg

photo opera_zps82674759.jpg

photo gulieeta_zps25238f0b.jpg

photo juliet_zps76207787.jpg

The Gothic Line where the Nazis fortified to prevent the Allies from invading from the South

photo gothicline_zpsae0d6279.jpg

photo gothica_zps548a2f6a.jpg

photo wwall_zpsd3f90a31.jpg

bloody bird poo!

photo birdshit_zps2be02e47.jpg


photo pisa_zps8c217911.jpg

photo gelato_zpse9699847.jpg

stopover for some kind of Gumball race!

photo cars_zps44e6c681.jpg

and then Into Switzerland across the Mountains

photo mount_zpse9156ba6.jpg

photo itte_zpsa7673500.jpg

photo hairpin_zps43c757fc.jpg

photo glacier_zpsd1d4656c.jpg

photo carpanorama_zpsf6243716.jpg

photo cliffsideroad_zpsb9851b1a.jpg

photo bridgitteandacooldrink_zpsf5643a18.jpg

photo switzalp_zps38543fe4.jpg

photo roadside_zps62193ff0.jpg

photo parked_zps9e2d32be.jpg

found where they have been hiding!!

photo outthere_zpsd900c738.jpg

Interlaken and Paragliding at the Eiger

photo eiger2_zps78d039f5.jpg

photo eiger3_zps6a211a49.jpg

photo eiger4_zps16643fe3.jpg

photo interlaken_zpsb5ed9cc4.jpg

photo mountain_zps262c6915.jpg


photo eiger_zpsd6252d5e.jpg

photo breakfast_zpsbe6612ba.jpg

photo waterfall2_zps8e033656.jpg

heres my glider for the day

photo myglider_zps2fcbc2b5.jpg

jenny suiting up

photo jennyglidesuit_zpse32b2841.jpg

people taking off

photo jennyfly1_zps12561024.jpg

launch site

photo gliderhill_zps5c5721fb.jpg

im airborne!

photo airborn_zps1e3f7fa0.jpg

jenny doing a mid air flypast

photo jennyflypast_zps5ae3cd3a.jpg

photo mefly1_zps8532a026.jpg

down safe!

photo rockinmyshute_zps662ba271.jpg

and on the way home through France wheel bearing shit itself haha. Stuffed with grease and got us home!

photo breakdown2_zps76d4a4b4.jpg

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What a great trip , superb photos , that must have been fun driving those roads , did you get all Clarkson or May through the mountain passes ? :)

Thanks for sharing.

1970 4 speed 2002 (Daily driver/track car ) 
1974  Hybrid powered twin cam engine, Pig Cheeks , ( now a round tail.) Getting ready to Sell 

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It don"t get no better than that!

And it's good to know where the Taliban have been holing up. Who woulda thought!



'69 Nevada sunroof-Wolfgang-bought new
'73 Sahara sunroof-Ludwig-since '78
'91 Brillantrot 318is sunroof-Georg Friederich 
Fiat Topolini (Benito & Luigi), Renault 4CVs (Anatole, Lucky Pierre, Brigette) & Kermit, the Bugeye Sprite

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Well Steve i tried! but i ended up with some burning brakes haha! i tried to chase an orange mclaren mp4c, needless to say i got left. also on going up some of the mountain passes the old girl was down to second gear without a hope of third. because we were away for 16 days we both had quite alot of clothes and i took quite a few tools also aswell as oil etc so she was pretty weighed down :[


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Dave- Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures.

I will be heading over to Europe in September / October. My friend from Liverpool told me to go over towards Leeds to check out that part of England. Your pictures are inspirational. Thanks.

Joseph O'Neil

73 02 - Polaris - 2587250

67 2000 TiLux- Chamonix - 1451152

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I was just busting your balls so to speak , It's always good to meet you Northerners :) you have the monopoly on 02's up there , at least when I was looking.

Have a great time in England I'm off there to visit family in July , hopefully it won't rain too much. ;)

1970 4 speed 2002 (Daily driver/track car ) 
1974  Hybrid powered twin cam engine, Pig Cheeks , ( now a round tail.) Getting ready to Sell 

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Thanks for the lovely comments guys! Joseph places up this way that you need to go are the yorkshire Dales, Harrogate and Knaresborough, The City of York and Whitby on the East Coast. Those are probably the gems of yorkshire. If you can get into the Lake District also i'd really recommend it!


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