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BMW 4 Corners Meet- August 2013

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The 3rd annual BMW 4 Corners Meet is in the initial planning stages! After the success of last year, we hope to have much more participation. Right now, we are looking at getting attendees from out of state who are willing to take a road trip and join us at the event!


What is the event?

Well, that is a good question. A group of like minded auto enthusiasts who enjoy owning, driving, and meeting other people for a weekend of fun. People come to discuss their favorite BMW’s and join in on a drive, photo shoot and other automotive festivities!


Where is event?

In a small town in south western Colorado, near the 4 Corners region (where Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona meet) called Pagosa Springs. This small mountain town sits right next to the Continental Divide, and one of the tallest mountain passes in Colorado. Located right in the middle of Durango, and Alamosa, the location serves perfectly as a central location for the 4 Corners region. Pagosa Springs is a great location to cater towards people that are interested in meeting some other BMW owners, but also want to have some fun hiking and exploring, or even soaking at the natural Hot Springs. There is something for everybody! :hitit:

What will we be doing??

Being that our host owns the hosting hotel and has connections with the town, we are lucky to have a few unique opportunities. One being a group dinner at the local Pagosa Brewery. Meet other people attending the weekend, and relax with drinks after the drive into town. We are planning to have the Brewery to ourselves for the night!!

The next morning, we are doing a mountain drive and photoshoot. Sitting right atop the Continental Divide, we have the perfect opportunity for pictures and photoshoots! On the pass itself, we will have a full ski area parking lot to use! Additionally, we are looking into planning a Time Speed Distance Rally. Attempt to drive a predetermined route in an allotted amount of time while maintaining a target average speed. The driver(s) closest to the target time, win! Prizes will be given out at the car show and BBQ in the evening.

Share your car and vote on your top 3 cars. Raffle could be included, along with giveaways, based on sponsorship.

Late Night, don't miss out on BMW Films: The Hire showing. Located in the bar, the 72″ Flatscreen works as a great display!

On Sunday, head on over to the Pagosa Hot Springs to rejuvenate in the Hot Springs before the trip back home. The local Hot Springs has many tubs with varying temperatures, and will offer a discounted rate for groups of 15 or more.

When is it?

We are currently in the planning stages for the event. The BMW 4 Corners Meet is the BMW event for the Rocky Mountain region and will occur August 9, 2013


Right now we are getting together sponsors and logo designs, along with brainstorming what activities to include, along with a t shirt design.

All sponsors will be posted on our website, along with a logo that will be placed on all of the event t shirts.

Please let me know if anybody is willing to help in any way-- I'm open to new ideas for the upcoming event! I know it is 6 months away, but that gives us time to plan activities accordingly!!

Additional Info:

Last years event was a success, and the only thing we wanted to improve was representation from more states, along with more attendance!

I am sure that everybody who went last year is willing to go again this year, along with spreading the new about this great BMW event. The best part-- no registration necessary to attend! Come and join other enthusiasts for a great weekend in a great mountain town.

Our very own Neel M3, will be accommodating us at a discounted rate , not to mention the hotel will be freshly renovated :hitler:

Last Year:

Here is a hint of the event last year:










Feel free to look around on our website.


If you have any questions or are interested in more information or in helpin out in anyway, feel free to message me directly:

[email protected]

Don't forget to add your name to the attendees list, either! We will see you there :cool


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Bumping this, a window decal has been designed and is in the preliminary stages of printing!! It is very simple and will be something given out as prizes or to those who show up. Also working with a graphic designer for the t-shirt.

You will want one of these shirts, even if you don't attend, because the design is going to be that awesome!! Don't forget to sign up on the attendees tab for periodic updates, that is a tentaive list and does not hold you to attend the event, only a source for periodic updates and idea of what cars are coming. Over 40 people already signed up, not included those in the facebook group!

Also thinking about ways to include the wives and girlfriends so they can have a great time as well!

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I wish I was closer. Love Colorado. Drove the national park route in a borrowed Porsche. I was a great drive.




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2013 Tshirt Pre-Orders Are Here!

Drive 4 Corners is proud to announce the 2013 event tshirt design is complete and ready for pre-orders! We have been able to achieve a great discounted price for all those planning to preorder; only $12 for a shirt (in standard sizes)! Price will be $18 at the event in August.


The 2013 event wouldn’t be possible without our proud sponsors. Bigcoupe.com has provided exclusive web-hosting and allowed the event to have a central place for event information. Therefore, the feature car of the year is the original BMW 6 Series from 1988! Our artist has captured the detail and essence of the event with the design, highlighting the enjoyment of driving matched with the enthusiasm for BMW’s. The logo also includes a variety of other BMW’s–including the E87 1 series M, the E36 3 series, The E34 M5, and a classic E9 Coupe!

Visit the Pre-order page [http://drive4corners.com/?p=1613]to reserve a shirt in your size! The best part– pick up is free if you are attending the Drive 4 Corners BMW Meet in August! If you are unable to make it, or want your shirt early so you can wear it to the event, add shipping for an additional $7.99!

Get your orders in prior to the event so that you can ensure that you will receive a shirt at the event. There is no guarantee that there will be enough shirts for all those interested at the event! Additionally, the pre-orders allow us to gauge how many additional shirts to have printed. Pre-order discounts end at noon (MST) on July 25th.

For those attending the event, they can preorder now and get the correct size of shirt and know that they have a shirt reserved come the weekend of the event (I'm confident we will run out!). The pre-order allows us to keep the event free for all participants and gauge number of shirts to print. For those who may not be attending the event, you can still buy a shirt! Shipping is additional cost (Make sure you select shipping as an item in your cart!), but the overall price is still very reasonable.

Also note, that these preorder prices are valid through July 25th at noon MST. After that, the price will increase to $18 plus shipping.

Comments always welcome, I am sure interested in hearing what you guys have to say about the design!


If you have any questions regarding the event, let me know!

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