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1972 Riviera M2 Build


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Now that the car is running and driving, maybe I can catch up on the build a little.  The last few years were a blur with other projects and this one which took all my spare time when I was actively working it.   By September 2017 the drive train was in and the brakes were finally bled and without leaks.  It was time for another trip to the restoration shop.



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So many pictures to choose from, but many are just reference photos or a picture to help remember some detail that needed attention or further research.  Detail from the drive train install - the header was touching the floor until later adjustments to the engine mounts to the subframe.  By November 2017 the rear seat was modified and fitted for the first time.



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ECU mounted to glove box due to lack of space.  I had wanted it under the passenger seat, but was talked out of it due to the extra work it would take to properly lengthen the wiring.  I don't notice the ECU because it's out of your line of sight, but I do notice the extra weight when you open the glove box.






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April 2018: Factory Turbo exhaust install - the angle of the header and "Y" pipe were not working as seen in the 3rd pic; many trips back to the machine shop to get it right I was told, but finally it was tucked up there satisfactorily.  Long term I will probably look for a freer flowing exhaust, but the goal was just to get it running after so many years.




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July 2018: NOS dash install for the first time.  The clock quit working after a day or so and the tach didn't work.  Between about 5 instrument clusters I had saved over the years, nothing was working and was not proving to be a safe bet at all for being reliable, so all NOS instruments were bought.  The clock was sent out for repair.  I was fortunate to find a NOS glove box pad as a much better match for the dash.





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Stock location for the windshield wiper fluid reservoir is not working out due to the heat put off by the header.  With the car up to temperature, the wiper fluid randomly spits out the nozzles - not acceptable.  Added to my to-do list to find another location with the later model bracket.  May be able to do an coolant overflow where the bracket is on the inner fender.



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June 2018: Couldn't find a NOS gauge cluster face except for a turbo one.  Even though what I had on hand would have worked, the plastic was cracked causing several loose screws and loose instrument glass.  Esty carpet installation started after finishing up the Dynamat.



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July 2018: Continued carpet installation along with test fitting the AC evaporator, which was installed and removed many times before all was said and done.  A total of 3 Frigiking AC consoles were bought and combined to make one good one.  I had the vents re-chromed, and had a new aluminum Frigiking emblem backing plate made.  The radio is just for show as it's the only thing that would fit in that space without cutting the dash / hidden radio with bluetooth installed.  The Frigiking front console panel is not perfect and has cracks and the shifter surround is not from a 2002.  I will be installing a black sticker on the ashtray when I can find something suitable and remember to do this because it blinds you when the sun hits it.




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November 2018: Back from the shop.  Things done since getting it back and running in the engine:


Throttle bodies were synced late 2019, idles much lower.


Changed out the oil filter when changing the oil after a delicate 500 miles.  Had to remove the filter housing from the block because of a lack of clearance.


Alternator wiring was bad (my fault - installed with the engine and never looked at during the wiring).  After 2 returned rebuilt alternators, the alternator is now charging - fixed mid-2020.  The first alternator was from a 84-85 318i and without an allen key socket on the front to hold the shaft while tightening the pulley.  It came loose on the first drive and I was fortunate not to loose the radiator over it.  The 2nd rebuilt unit never would charge consistently, finally figured out why upon removal - the B+ post was cracked and broke off on one last tightening.  FCP Euro paid return shipping and replaced them both under their lifetime guarantee.


Autozone rebuilt AC compressor leaked / rebuild of the rebuilt AC compressor leaked, so this is on the to-do list still.  Blunttech has an S14 bracket for Sanden rotary compressor in the works, so I am going to try to wait on this.  Only other option would be a new AC compressor if one can even be found.



Planning a major undertaking this winter:

• New headliner - made the mistake of using a used one - there's no way to get and hold enough tension on it to keep some of the bows from dropping.  This includes removing and replacing front and rear glass also.

• Redo e24 seats and front recaros to match - still looking for manufactured seat covers to accomplish this.
• New mylar on the rear seat side panels


Additional to-do list:

Find and install all of the under dash trim panels - I'm sure I have all of them in various forms of decay... so some refurbishment may be needed if that is even possible.


Find a suitable air filter replacement - sourced a paper element just to get the car running, but expected to have to address this later.


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Finally mounted the flywheel reference sensor bracket to the pivot bolt on the top of the pedal box bracket that bolts to the brake booster firewall mount.


Also installed a 74-76 (?) windshield washer fluid bracket to the brake booster and installed the VDO reservoir away from the exhaust manifold since it was just getting way to hot on that side.  Now the strut brace is tight against the washer fluid bottle, so I'll be looking for a strut brace that would work better with this set up.


Foam air filter installed but I'm still looking for a better solution.  I tried a K&N cone filter copy, but it was just too big.  I may try again and see if it will bend enough to squeeze in there, or look to build a short extension to get it passed the oil cooler.



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Ordered new (custom) side panels awhile ago from www.bimmer02shop.com and just now painted them and put them in.  Normally, they come painted, but the gas filler hole delete complicated things a bit. 


I've had a couple of good interactions with Alberto with bimmer02shop.com and will plan on checking in on his website periodically to see what's new.  The panels use bent tabs like the factory design behind the trunk hinge supports that hold them in place.




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