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1972 Riviera M2 Build


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from one m2 builder to another....trust me....if you are planning to use the 1/2 air box from the m3 and the other 1/2 from the 528e.....leave yourself as much room as possible on that left side! you'll be glad you did. i found out too late...and wound up using a kn. it's very tight after all is done! but....besides the fact that the factory air box looks cool (like as if it was from the factory) ...that lower half actually faces right to the front....like a factory-made cold air intake!! other than that....your job and car looks great! keep up the good work! the reward is like nothing else in this world.......and fast, too!

good luck!


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Thanks for the encouragement, I have a feeling that I'll be changing things up for years to come, because the parts and knowledge of this conversion has been getting better and better. The factory air box seemed pretty straight forward, and I'd like the car to appear like it was built this way from the factory.

Hendi72 - do you have a blog for your build?

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Too bad about the panels. Mine are from them, from the original group buy and look pretty good in general.



Okay, here's the picture. I need to stop trying to add comments to the pictures cause it's causing problems...


Stop reading this! Don't you have anything better to do?? :P
Two running things. Two broken things.


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I'd have to agree, that your trunk and hood panels look pretty good. I wish that mine had turned out better though I haven't decided what to do with them yet. They're certainly better than the panels on my other car, so that may be where they end up eventually...

Looks like your brake set-up is similar to what I went with. I'd been looking at Massive's for awhile, but was holding out for a set up parking brake and saw that Ireland put one together sometime in the last few years (not sure when?) so I went with theirs, though not installed yet.

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Nice progress. I did the fuel filler and reflector shave. IMHO it is a much cleaner line. Nice choice in rims. Rota?

Yeah, they're Rota's off my other car. I like them, and I may end up using them for awhile when I get this car together, but have been looking at some other options that you don't see too often.

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Slow progress right now, but last week I scored when bought a 3.91 LSD off of craiglist locally for cheap. The listing was for an E30 unit, but after looking at it for awhile, I realized what it was either an 84-85 318i unit that the rear cover had been changed to an e21, or it's an e21 diff. Originally had intended to buy it for my e28, but this is even better with the way prices have been on the older stuff! I opened it up and verified the ratio and plan on comparing it to the other one on my car when I can get some time.



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Finally has some paint on her again! Unfortunately, this is the best picture I've been able to get with the lighting and cramped quarters and probably my photographic skills.  Progress is going to be slow when I get it back, but maybe I'll have it back in a few months after finish sanding, headliner and windshields intact...



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Tom- what brand of paint did the shop use? Is the Riviera color a close match to the original?

One of your pics before the accident looks like a MidAmerica Fest drive. I believe that is Keith Kreegers White E30 in the middle.

Jim Gerock


Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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Jim, that's is Keith's car, who's transmission was smoking (maybe a leak?) that day. I can't remember what the get together was officially called, it was more of a Arkansas drive - but I dated the folder the pictures are in as 04-06-2002. It was a plenty fast trip with only 5 or so cars, and me nursing mine, needing my foot on the gas to keep an idle the whole time. I think everyone has a picture of that doublewide that was being towed on those narrow roads that slowed us down for miles.

They used Glasurit paint and mixed to the paint code, tweaking it just slightly to make it look right to myself and the shop owner. It may be a little darker than the original, but the first mix looked a little purple somehow and not grey enough. Of course it's been almost a year since they mixed it and my memory is a bit of a blur now. I'd like to see it next to another Riviera car eventually, though I won't be disappointed if it's not an exact match. The blue that was on it previously was supposed to be Riviera, but it was a $1200 paint job and it was too bright of a blue



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Finally!  Paint is done and headliner and front & rear windows are in and the car is back home where I can work on it without driving across town.  Really like how it turned out so far.  Hopefully, I'll consistently have time off work to work on it now...  









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