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Having fun with my neglected 02" finish

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My 2002 was repainted by the previous owner from its original colorado orange to this chamonix white color with the worst technique and care I've seen. It was then abandoned 12 years outside in the sun and rain (partially below a tree as well). The finish is shameful to say the least.

So I decided to sand the finish with 1000 and 2000 grit sand paper, then use the Meguiar's DAMF system and the results are better than I expected! I sanded with a lot of force and still I could see a lot of orange peel but what the hell it looks 110% better.

Let me know what you think.

This is how it was: (The green specks is industrial paint that dripped from the roof....not a very careful painter).


Removing the paint spots:




My super expensive super effective sanding block (I know very crappy):


Sanded: (1000 then 2000)


So this is how it looked:


This is how it looks now: (Far from perfect but so so much better than before I could have gone much further though but didn't deserve the time on a paintjob I'm replacing).


Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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When you do the rest of it, be sure you mask off the part you've already done.

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Okay, I would have the sloppy painter pay for another paint job. I would show him before you clean it up. But I suppose its too late. Oh well, now it wont be so fun getting the rest of the car color sanded only to find more stuff to do. Good luck!

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Wouldn't a light (or maybe heavy duty) cutting compound do the same or better than sanding? At least you'd see your results as you progress around the car. It seems that sanding would be more difficult with less rewarding results.

You could even use a power tool to apply the compound.

Maybe, maybe not.

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