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Late high beam switch on 1600?

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Can I install a late style high beam switch on a 1600? I would want to put it on the left side like the original one. I like the turn signal on the right, and sourcing an early switch is tough/expensive.

I tried searching first...

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through the end of 1973 production (all roundies) will work on your 1600 with two mods:

1. if it's from a 71-73, swap out the knob on the end with the jelly bean knob from your 1600. They just unscrew.

2. later stalks have a multiprong plug that plugs into the car's wiring harness; I suspect your 1600 has individual wires with insulated spade terminals. It's probably easier to cut the plug off your replacement stalk and solder (not crimp--you're carrying headlight amperage here) female spade terminals onto the stub wires left on the stalk assy. The terminals are numbered, and the wires go on the same way for both styles of switch: red wire to terminal 30 (it's 15/30 on the later switches); solid yellow to 56b; solid white to 56a; yellow with white stripe to 56. The tan wire with the yellow stripe (that already has a push-on terminal on it) plugs into the car's wiring harness same as before. Discard the tan/yellow wire; it’s not used on the early cars.

Someone on the board will have a roundie high/low beam stalk for you; they rarely go bad (unless you catch your coat sleeve on it!) so should be pretty common.



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I have high/low beam stalks of both varieties - email me (button above) if going that route. -KB

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