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Funky old horn relay

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Trying to get my horn working again. It has been inoperable since I took ownership. I tested the relay and there was voltage coming out of it when I ground the circuit but i guess not enough whatever you need (not electrical person) to power the horns. I tested the horn by jumping it directly to battery and it works. Check out my crusty old horn relay.



Couple of questions. Can I just replace this with the standard 4 prong plastic box relays or do I need to find a 3 prong relay? To the best of my knowledge the current one just switches when grounded. On the 4 prong is the extra prog just another 12v output? Also, the steering column is so jacked up- the horn ring, pin and cancel cam stuff is missing. I am just going to wire the horn wire and ground wire into a new push button switch and mount it in my console for now.

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2002s except for the starter motor.

If you have an early car (68-70 or so) the original relay was a round aluminum can that lived just to the right of the voltage regulator. Look carefully and you'll see three evenly spaced holes there for the horn and optional fog light relays.

Old Volvos used those round Hella relays if you want to stay stock; otherwise just get a three terminal relay, some way to mount it on the inner fender well and have at it. If you have a four terminal relay, just ground the appropriate terminal with a short length of wire.



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Here is a shot of the jumper wire Grims references.



Some models used what looked like a spring to carry the circuit around the steering coupler.


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