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Rear Seat delete guide

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Here's my contribution to the Construction Zone as a way of saying "thanks" to all that have added their bits of knowledge.

My rear seats were in pretty rough shape (and I've replaced the front seats so I no longer had a matching set .. though that wasn't a big deal to me). I also found dimensions for the panels from TonyHavana (in Toronto) - here's the link: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,325291/highlight,rear+seat+delete/. The link for the pdf is close to the bottom of the page. I roughed out the template using cardboard as the dimensions were a bit different on my car.

Here's the starting point (the gray colour is QuietCar soundproofing paint):


The bottom panel using 1/4 plywood. I've thought about going back and replacing it with 1/2 for additional cargo capacity as the 1/4 inch feels a bit flimsy.


The top panel


The bottom panel fitted. I fastened a piece of 1x2 parallel to the forward edge of the bottom panel so the panel wouldn't slid forward (sorry, don't have a pic of that).


Remember to leave a bit of a gap for the wiring harness


I used 2 short pieces of 1x2 as attachment points for the upper panel. You'll need to bend open the seat bracket to accommodate.


A closer look at the attachment:


The upper panel installed using 4 1" wood screws.


The lower panel installed (I had some leftover FatMat that I used here)


Upper panel carpet installed. I ordered the carpet from Esty and used 3M spray adhesive to glue it on. Esty included a strip of fabric that I used to cover the gap btwn the parcel shelf and upper panel.


Lower panel carpet installed.


Not a very complicated project and this took all of an afternoon to knock out with minimal cost.

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Thanks. Looks good. I deleted my rear seats and got some great ideas from you. I intend to use the area under the board for storage and audio equip. I want to hinge it.

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