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STARTER Issues rebuilt vs New

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HI put a new Starter REBUILT from Bosh Bev NH,1972 2002 base

the starter stuck on after a few drives and would not shut off !!

Now my mechanic says :that i need a better one that is brand new, opposed to rebuilt at double the cost! 258$ to be exact.

Am I being taken for a fool? Thanks DEZ

is there such a thing as a new starter ?

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given the age of our cars, i'd bet all starters, regardless of where purchased or brand are rebuilt, not new, never used

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purchase from local no-where parts store and

usually (as reported here many times) end up experiencing

the original issue that the starter was removed for.

Sticking, spinning, noise, no engagement, Click'ing............

buy from any BMWDEALER and usually have a reliable

20 year product. And also have a 2-Year/Unlimited Part

Warranty for your consumer protection and peace of mind.

now if you like to gamble?, and don't mind repeating

your labor a few times till you have a reliable no issue

rebuilt starter - go for Uncle Bob's Acme Starter Exchange.


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I put one in from Oriellys the small kind. Has worked great for about 100k miles but is now beginning to make a whirr noise after I start the car...Listen to CD

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