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The "Green Machine" is alive and legal!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

My Agave green project '73 which was towed to

my house last November, is road worthy and just

passed state inspection. Last week drove it in a

100 mile rally and had no problems.

There's still plenty of stuff to work on, but the

project is off to a very good start. I must confess i'm

pretty proud of myself for taking a non running car

that had been sitting about 5 years and putting it

back on the road. And I'm by no means a


The car cost $300 and I just totalled up all the

receipts so far which total about $1500. All those

$40 parts really add up!

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Guest Anonymous

I have just aquired a 2002 that had been sitting in one spot for 3years. The brakes are stuffed. May I aske what you did with yours as i imagine you were in the same boat

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Guest Anonymous

had to put the following new parts on the front:

master cylinder, brake hoses, pads, calipers, and

rotors. For the rear, i put new brake cylinders just to

get them working, and am going to put new drums

and pads, and hoses.

The Master cylinder was especially fun to install.

Getting all the fittings attached involved lots of

cussing and throwing tools. You can bend the hard

lines , just don't kink them. Make sure you pump

plenty of new fluid through the system when you

are done. i noticed the old stuff was a nasty brown


Good luck!

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