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Underhood sticker placement FAQ--progress report

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Requested the above information a week or so ago from the board for an eventual FAQ. So far have late '69, early and late 71s, '73 and '75. Need the other years, and any tii-unique sticker placement on the 72-74s.

If you have an original car (at least underhood original) please describe the stickers and their locations. Don't need pictures right now, just descriptions/locations.

Gino--need the info on your '68 especially as they are different from even the early '69's. E-mail your info to me and I promise to do it as a FAQ article when I have all the data.



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Guest Anonymous

Hi Mike,

I spoke with Bob Murphy last Sunday....I will provide as much info as I can on this "project" (for '72 & '73 tii cars especially)...a couple of things I mentioned to Bob are that the new replacement stickers are not exactly correct in at least two areas....the fuse sticker (some of the accessories are not listed properly..if I recall it is for fuse #16), plus the car color sticker (on the pass inner fender) originally was shown in "italics" (or with slanted typing) whereas the replacement stickers are incorrectly shown in vertical block text.

Placement is an area that can vary as you know, and I truly believe that some of the cars had stickers placed "as the wind blew" (depending on whether Hans or Gunther was working that particular day on the assembly (sort of like the placement of antennas!)...not being placed as exactly as things are done today....but generally the placement of stickers is similar.

Good luck with the project, and lets not forget about that "other" project to catalog the lowest 200 VINs of each year's production model run.



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Guest Anonymous

...all in place, as far as I can tell, including the ones on the inside of the hood. Some of these are unique to (1973) tiis and I'll be glad to provide whatever you need.

I also have the original door/birthdate sticker intact, and can provide placement for that one too.

I'll be jumping back into Julius projects in the next week or so as soon as I get my #$^%~!@&*%?<*&^%$#+= Volvo fixed.

I hate my Volvo today.

Delia Wolfe


Inka (aka "Orange Julius")


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Guest Anonymous

Including the builders sticker on the doorjamb and the emissions sticker.

I wrote myself a note and will try to follow up on it this weekend.

Steve J

72 tii Verona

88 M3 Hennarot

98.5 A4 nonQ

bikes, house, kid, wife...

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Guest Anonymous

On my wife's absolutely stock '76 here are the locations:

Passenger side: Aft of shock tower;

"vehicle capacity, etc." inboard from

"color ID"(not italics)

Front of shock tower;

"Use Genuine BMW parts" (Orange)

There was a sticker under the hood-lock cross bar, but I'm unable to read what is was from what little is left.

Driver's side (front to rear)

"Cooling system,etc."

Next, outboard:

"Before changing battery, etc."


"Clean filler cap before removing, use only Dot 3,

etc." (light blue)

Immediately in front of shock:

"Exhaust emmision system"

Under hood-lock cross bar:

"Oil types"

Underside of hood, driver's side, (above hood lock when closed:

"Fuse location schedule"

On my '75 there is a tire pressure schedule on the pass.side in front of the "Genuine parts" sticker. That may what the one was that is mostly gone on my wife's car (see above),

Hope this helps.

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