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Ignition issues....

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Well, im at a loss here. I've been trying to figure out what's going on. First off here's what I'm running:

70 02

Petronix -------------------------)

Bosch Red Coil w/ resistor ----) previous owner installed

weber 40 dcoe -----------------) (est. 5+years)


will run great off the bat but when I reach operating temp or after a 10-15 miles the engine would buckle and just die. It starts again but will not idle but if I wait till the engine cools down a bit then I'm back to normal.

I'm I right to assume that my coil is going bad? I tested the coil and I'm getting a reading of 1.4 ohms, this is when it's cold and also 1.4 ohms on the resistor.

Should I just ditch the red and order the blue coil and bypass the resistor/ballast. I'm aslo suspecting the plug wires since they are old but will it not run right off the bat if they were bad? I also tested then and the values are pretty close.

any ideas? thanks

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I would ditch the pertronix first before the coil. Try points again. Properly set points are not subject to seemingly random failures like pertronix and it's ilk.

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I'm not sure why Pertronix would be affected by engine warming up. Try pulling a plug wire when engine is warm and see if you get a good spark. How old are the plug wires? 10 or 15 minutes running doesn't sound like fuel pump, but I have heard of the tank pick-up filter becoming clogged with floating grunge, and releasing said grunge when engine is turned off.

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