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Hello guys

I was thinking about this simple setup for my 72.Weber carb 32/34 ,292 cam and header.About how much hp gain would I get.Also anything I would have to modify?Thanks for your help as always.

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As you go to a larger cam you need more compression to make use of it. I run 9.5:1 pistons with a 285 cam (Norris type 301). When I first put in the cam I had 9.0 (US tii pistons) and I noticed only a slight difference. When I upped the compression ratio I noticed much more difference. That cam and piston combination added roughly 15-20 HP to the 130 HP tii engine (dyno results, some years ago)

Others who know can tell you, but you likely want 9.5 or 10:1 pistons to make use of the cam. Go too high on compression and you will risk detonation on pump gas. Not sure how aggressive you can go with a 32/36 downdraft carb before you run out of air and fuel. Again, others can say. My only experience with carbs is the dual 45DCOE9's that came with my '69.

Best of luck, Fred '74tii & '69GT3

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I'm guessing you meant a Weber 32/36 carb, and with what you're describing you're propossing to do you might gain a couple of HP - not a whole lot more.

As mentioned above, if you want more HP you need to go to higher compression pistons, and at least a 38/38 Weber (twin side-drafts would help even more). You should then experience some real increase in horsepower.

Bob Napier

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