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Issue with exhaust smell


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My 72 2002 tii smells like there is oil burning somewhere from the engine compartment. I was able to fix one leak the car had but am having trouble identifying where the other leak/s are coming from. I did read that sometimes if the cylinder head was machined and the timing cover was not, it may not fit 100% and oil will leak from there. My recent theory is that perhaps that may be the issue although I don't know if the head has been milled.

It is hard to drive the car as the oil burning smell is constant once the car heats up.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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photo of the engine first - top, bottom,

from the right, and from the left, from under the front

and from under the rear gearbox area......

first locate the source of all the leaks AFTER you throughly

wash the motor

next oil and exhaust vapors can enter the interior

many ways and discussed many many times here

Site Search for " oil smell into interior "

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If the head and front cover are not machined together, it will leak big time. It woiuld be clearly visible around front upper cover seams. The burning smell comes from oil getting on the exhaust manifold or down pipe. Use flash light to look for source. Check around the top cover/head seam on exhaust side with a paper towel. Another sneaky spot is out of manifiold studs: the uppers go into the rocker area, and can weap after time. That requires removong manifold to fix.

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1. If the rubber sealing ring on the distributor housing (where it fits into the head) is leaking, oil will ooze out from around the distributor, and the drip will fall right onto the exhaust headpipe with resultant buring oil smell. Same with a leaking (and soon to fail, with disastrous results) oil pressure warning light sender.

2. How are your elephant trunks/duck lips? Those are the three rubber tubes that are set in the heater plenum chamber drains. If they're rotted, full of crud so they don't seal at the bottom or missing altoghether, that's your likely source of exhaust smell in the passenger compartment (presuming you don't have rusted out floors). Proper ones seal tightly at the bottom until they fill with water, then drain.

3. And how about the heater plenum side seals and the lateral seal on the hood's trailing edge? Those three seals, along with the trunks/lips are what is keeping exhaust smell out of your passenger compartment.



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