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Am I over my head trying to rebulid my 32/36 myself?

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I'm in the same boat, someone on the board shot me this website, very detailed, take a look.



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Probably not. But it will be time consuming, getting up to speed/. The Haynes book and Pat Braden's Weber Carburetors are good

companions. You need several widths of good- quality flat- bladed screwdrivers of very good quality, some organizational ability,

patience, and a digital camera in case you get stuck. But if you're careful with stuck screws and jets, and put things back the way they were

originally, you can't do it any harm at all. And usually, you'll fix it.

My take is that a carb's not a bad place to start learning to work on a car- it's smaller, you can do it inside, you aren't in danger of hurting yourself,

and they DO listen to reason, if you know how to hear them. And let's face it, a 32/36 is cheap enough new that, if you were to send it out to

be rebuilt, you'd end up spending a good fraction of a new one.

So if you destroy it, you're not out much, and you've learned a TON.

Go for it.

Post up if you get stuck.



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Will be up in denver mid day monday and have time before my work shift which starts at 6pm if you want a hand.

Daron 3 oh 3 324 2355

Or i can send you a scan tonight

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Guest Anonymous

The thing that made it easier for me is I replaced one part at a time with the carb still installed.

Replace a part drive the car, if it turned out ok. Replace another part. Do the same.

This kind of helped me learn if what I was replacing helped or hurt...


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