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GFreetings fellow Beemers.

I have been busy with my project for over a year now. and I am on the forum to share and learn some more. I bought the BMW e30 as the BMW 2002 are very scarce in our country. If you get one it the price of a new BMW.

So my base is the e30 as the e30 is very versatile, parts are easy and cheap.

So i had the car painted matt black. I wanted the car not to stand out much. I opted for the M10 power plant as I love the M10 engine. I have faith in it and I know they are bullit proof.

I built one a few years ago and with a 2l engine and scrick cam with 45 dellies and it went well just not good enough for me at the time.

I initally wanted to go EFI and turbo and now changed my mind and fitted sidedrafts. I am now busy building a 2l stroker and wanted to share some of my developements.

Let me share some of my movie clips. Hope you enjoy.



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