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Reupholstery costs

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Hi all,

I've searched around the forum, but I haven't come across a recent ballpark quote for reupholstery costs. What should I expect to pay to restuff and recover two stock seats (no headrests)? I'm in the Bay Area, if that helps.


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If you're searching the forum, you're not searching in the right place. There's a lot of contingencies cost could range from $500 to $5000 depending on what you're looking for.

Proper search entails.

Calling Dave Vaarco at Aadvark for a quote.

Calling World Upholstery for a quote.

Email Ron at JJcustominteriors for a quote.

Driving by a couple local upholstery shops and look for the old guy who's been doing seats since the 50's.

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Here in the Phoenix area there's a shop called Brown's Upholstery. I took some e21 Recaro's to them for a quote and was quoted approx. $300-350 for cloth per seat, including materials, which seemed very reasonable. When I am ready, they are getting my business. I'll bet you can find a similar mom-and-pop operation locally. I have no affiliation with these folks, but here's there site just in case:


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I got two quotes from upholstery shops in San Francisco ranging 1800-2200 to have 2 recaros seats and a back seat reupholstered in black vinyl for my 75 bmw 02.


Outside the city (Hayward and San Jose) for the same job ranged from 800-900.


The shop in Hayward is http://browniesupholstery.com/

The shop in San Jose is called M & M Upholstery. 


Hard to gauge the quality of work since there are few reviews and pictures online and the M & M Shop doesn't have a website.


Hope this helps.




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Looking for seat work as well as a few other interior projects in the San Jose area.  I have a 72 with Marine Blue panels and a set of Recaro KBA seats in a blue cloth that is no where near the Marine Blue.  Have spoken with Dave at Aardvarc and would go with him if I were in San Diego.  Spoke with World and they were on the more expensive side. 


I'm looking at 4 local shops in the San Jose Bay Area.


Bascom Trim & Upholstery Santa Clara -  They were higher than most.  $2,000 for recovering seats before material.  $300 more than most on things like installing a carpet kit and doing a headliner 


Craig's Automotive Upholstery Campbell - Craig has been in the business for years.  Sounded like a good guy but was honest with me in that he was a small shop with 4 cars in front of me so he was not taking any new business


Jeda Generations Auto Upholstery San Jose -  Jack Davis is the owner.  He was trained by his dad and he was the Recaro seat distributor for the west coast for many years.  Jack is 81 and still loves the craft and to him it is a craft.  His price for recovering my seats front and back including material was right about what Bascom wants.  He is an old world craftsman.  I like him a lot.


Finish Line Interiors Santa Clara - Byron sounds like a good guy.  No quote yet on the work I want.  Taking my car to him on Wednesday.  He comes highly recommended from Cecil Beach who does quality paint and body here in San Jose.  Byron said he has done several 02s. 


We'll see. 



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