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Searching For SoCal Owners For a Video Series

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Hey guys I am currently working with Petrolicious.com and doing their videos. I run Depth of Speed and you may be familiar with the 2002 video I did

Since the love for my 2002 and BMW knows no bounds I have convinced the powers to be at Petrolicious to run a video series highlighting the different generations of BMW.

Here is the link and text of what we are looking for:

We're planning a video series based solely on the generations of BMWs and searching for 2002s, E9s, E21s, E30s (325i convertibles or M3), E24s (635csi or M6), and E28s (535i or M5s). We are looking for interesting stories related to these cars we love and will be shooting 6 videos in the Southern California area. We are looking for all walks of life from young to old, daily drivers to track cars, and everything in between. If you have an interesting story or a beautiful car please contact us.

If you're unfamiliar with our website, please have a look. Petrolicious videos and articles are written, shot, and produced by vintage car enthusiasts and drivers, and we are proud of the quality of the work as well as grateful for the time and love we've received from vintage car owners.

If interested, please contact:

Barmak Behdadnia

[email protected]


If you are interested please contact our Production Manager through the email above or you can email me through the board or post questions here.

I just recently moved to LA with my 02 and haven't had a chance to meet too many people in the community and look forward to meeting more.

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Guest Anonymous

You should come to the VARA (www.vararacing.com) race at Willow Springs there will probably be 10 2002 race cars entered. Check out date on the website.

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