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My new E30 project

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When I returned from New Years break, I found the following email in my inbox.

Hello and Happy New Year Gordon.

I'm not sure if you're still around the Central Coast, but was wondering if you're still interested in my 1988 325is? It's been non-operational in my garage for the last 2 years with a frozen engine and I've come to realize I won't get around to fixing it up like I intended. Other things that are an issue are the transmission (bearings it sounded like), and my son has swapped a few things to his car like the new exhaust I'd bought shortly before the engine went, the new drive shaft I'd replaced, and a few other things. About the only thing good about the car is the body; it's still in good shape. The interior is ok, except for the driver's seat which has the amount of wear you'd expect after 24 years.

If you're interested let me know; I don't want anything for it, I would just like to have the space back in my garage.


Jeff is a former coworker and I has always bugged him for years to give me first dibs on his E30 if he decided to sell it. I lost track of Jeff and was kind of surprised to receive his email. I went to look at the car after work today and the body is great shape for the age and mileage that this car has, no dents, scratches, and no rust (CA car). It alpineweiss with a cardinal red interior and 5 speed. The dash is crack free, the interior is in good condition and I've seen drivers seats that looked much worse than the one in this car. Car has a clean title, registered non-op, is this too good to be true? On the downside, the car has 429K on it. It was used as a daily commuter from Lompoc to Santa Barbara, 100 miles round trip for years. I have a spare M20 from my daughters 89 325i that I totaled four years ago that will go into my new project. I may need a gearbox since Jeff says the gearbox is noisy (bad bearing?) Jeff's son also has a 88 325is and he has been using his dad's E30 as his parts car. It needs an exhaust system from the down pipe back, rear Bilsteins are gone and the newly rebuilt driveshaft is gone as well. I have a set of old school Centra 15" 4 lug ET 25 wheels that I will put on the car.

Also the car is not free, it will cost me a case of Jeff's favorite frosty beverage.

The car will be moved this weekend. I'll post some pics soon.


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Congratulations and good luck, Gordon!

I got mine for $2500 which seemed nearly free at the time. Now, after many parts/repairs, it doesn't seem free or cheap, but it's been fun.

As the p.o.'s, Mr. Evans (Dieter) & Mr. Dearborn (Konrad), said to me: "it looks as though it's found a good home."

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