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Cheap Powder Coating! Valve covers, intakes, wheels and misc

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Hello all,

I am offering my powder coating services to you guys here. I have a small set up in which I can professionally clean/bead blast/ and powder coat your parts to make them look new (or BETTER than new), and in what ever color you'd like including candy, flat, semi gloss, gloss, wrinkle, vein, metallic, and even transparent colors. You'll choose the part you want send to me, mail it off, and Ill have it coated to your specs and send it back to you shortly after receiving it.

Youll pay half upfront to cover supplies, and the other half once your get you pretty part back.

Prices will depend on the part and its condition when sent in. For example, simple M10 valve cover coated in silver would cost approx $40. Or, an M20 intake coated in gloss black with polished raised portions would cost around $100 (see examples below).

I can coat ANYTHING that is METAL: Aluminum, steel, brass etc (no plastic/rubber pieces inside), Im am also limited by the size of my oven, but I can coat items up to 32" long (have coated front 02 control arms, m20 valve covers, 13" wheels, struts etc etc)

If you are interested please contact me at [email protected] . You wont be disappointed!

Example pieces

M20 Front cover - All pieces powder coated (met silver, semi gloss black)



2002tii Struts


M20 Oil Pan Metallic Silver



(Dusty) M20 valve cover and intake



M20 Starter re-conditioned


M20 Fuel Rail


2002 Pedal Box in Gloss Black


Shift Plates


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