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DryIce cleaning

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Hey guys,

So I bought a dryice blaster for my shop and recently started using it on some "government work." I blasted the webers for my 2002 inside and out and it cleaned them up very well, very quickly.

This weekend, I brought the machine along with a compressor and 500lbs of dryice to my friends garage. He has a '49 Packard Convertible that he has a "Twin H" style motor he is dropping it. Before doing that, he wanted to clean and detail the engine bay and the front end. He was scrapping it by hand. The dryice blaster did wonders to the 60 years of road cured grime on the underside. It's an awesome machine and I'm going to do the underside and engine and engine bay of all of my cars and toys this winter and spring.

I figured I'd share this with you guys because anyone who has wrenched on a greasy old machine or better yet has cleaned one, would really appreciate this. It's crazy effective, you'd have to see to believe it.

the dirty side:


the side that was blasted!






gotta include a lousy pic of the car:


and of course the beautiful mill that is about to get dropped in it:


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