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FS: 1970 BMW 2002 Solid driving project $bid Portland, OR

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Here for sale is a solid, driving 1970 BMW 2002. This car needs work, but comes with my stash of parts. I used to drive it daily, but now I drive a different car, and I don't have a place to store it inside, so I think it is time to let someone else take care of it.

Car was stripped to race at some point, so it has minimal trim, no interior panels, etc. I left it that way even though this is not a race car. I just wanted an aggressive street car.

Body is solid overall. There is some rust bubbling under the paint in a couple of places. The only rust-through is a small spot in the passenger-rear floor. Trunk floor was replaced at some point (still needs seams finished). Obviously the paint doesn't match, and there are some primer spots to help combat some of the surface rust. Body work would be required to make this a nice car, but with a little work it would make a sweet driver.

Engine runs well, burns some oil and leaks some oil. Has a Weber 32/36 DGV (manual choke) carburetor. It runs off of a Ford EDIS distributor-less ignition with a MegaJolt controller. Runs very well and has given me no problems. Distributor is in place only to seal the hole. Spare engine (spun bearing) included for parts, has nice high-compression pistons in it.

Transmission is functional, but has no synchro in 2nd (typical 2002 issue). Spare transmission included in similar condition. I planned to rebuild and swap. Both are standard 4-speeds. Shift linkage is sloppy, could use a rebuild as well. Clutch is near new, with only a few thousand miles on it. Pedal missing one return spring.

Exhaust is straight through with two glasspacks inline. It is quite loud.

Driveshaft support bearing whines, needs replaced. Rear diff seeps.

Has Bilstein HD shocks all around. Front springs are cut and rears sag a bit. I have a set of stock springs included. Front suspension is all polyurethane, with new tie-rods and center link. Steering box has a little play and is at full adjustment (needs rebuilt). Front alignment is off, could use some work.

New battery and wipers installed in December.

I have tons of parts for this car, from a white gauge/lighting kit to a fuel injection setup from a 318i to spare engine/transmission. I have engine parts including a couple of crankshafts, camshafts, rocker sets, a flywheel, some connecting rods, etc. all in various conditions. I have some carb pieces. Fuel injection setup is complete, with the mass air sensor, the intake with injectors, fuel rail, throttle body, etc, all of the wiring harness (it was cut at the firewall), and the coolant tubes. All it is missing is an O2 sensor, a fuel pump, and some wiring work. I have some donor body panels including the original front center kidney, and a drivers fender. I also have some of the trim logos/badges/grilles.

I have a ton of pictures of the car and most of the parts all taken within the last month, available on my Photobucket:


It may not be the prettiest car out there, but it is super fun to drive, and will put a smile on your face. I hope it can go to a good home.

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