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Please dont make me get an ebay account

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Still have LOADS of 2002 parts to unload. Proceeds feed the F Bomb.

Many prices reduced from earlier posting. Prefer not to ebay these goodies. No Paypal. Unless otherwise noted, prices include shipping within 48 states.


VERY nice early short center console. (see photo. fits 3pc dashboards only*), never drilled for ashtray or anything!) $80 *Sides are about 2" too short to reach bottom of later dashboards. ***SOLD*** Jan 2014

ANOTHER nice early short console, disassembled. Fits 3 pc dashboard cars also. $50

right front bumper end (72-73) in nice shape chrome is 9 out of 10. $70

pair of early (pre 72) non impact strip front bumper ends. decent shape, chrome is 7 out of 10. small dime sized dent in one. $60/PAIR

under dash panels (left near hood release lever, fair to good condition x 1) $12 ea. ***SOLD***

very early plastic (not vinyl) gauge shroud for 3 pc dash RARE! $35 *has two small chips*
right side US turn signal assy x 2 8/10 condition $25 ea. ***SOLD***
left side US turn signal assy x 1 7/10 condition $25 ea. *** SOLD***
large hub caps w ovals on edge (70-73 type) x 4 $60/set
rear side panel ashtray, black soft vinyl type (2 total) $15/pr
rear side panel ashtray, 72-73 era saddle, slight blemish in vinyl $8.00
interior mirror with neck x 2 $12 ea.
hand brake boots x 3 $8.00 ea.
assorted 73-74 heater control fascias (matte silver, illuminated) $8 ea. ***SOLD***
plastic fan shroud for radiator $18
side panels for Behr AC console x 2 sets, no grilles or fascias. very good cond $55/pr *these are NICE!* STILL HAVE THESE! January 2014.
74-76 front bumper shock covers (one set) NICE! $40/pr (see photo!)
74-76 headlight grilles, one SET $45/pr
door winder crank handles x 12 72-76 style $8.00 ea.
assorted red and amber side marker lenses / assemblies Good for parts INQUIRE!
heater box to firewall foam framing seal - new in packaging $7.00 ***SOLD***
early (pre 72) heater core w small inlets $30 ***SOLD***
early heater valve (small diameter) $12 ***SOLD***
73-76 seat sliders (complete set for one car) $25/set
interior light assembly for sunroof cars, complete $20 ***SOLD***
timing covers, non tii x 1 - can be media blasted upon request $15
distributor housings for back of head x 2 ("-") $12.00 ea.
cover plate for flywheel at bell housing x 3 $8.00 ea.
trans X member for rear mount x 2 $9.00 ea.
cigarette lighters (x8) $7 ea. tested
adapters for CS / Bavaria Weber carbs for use with stock air cleaner (1 set) $35/pr
32/36 Weber carb. Rebuilt 2 yrs ago. Choke plates removed! $70
water pump pulleys (x 4) INQUIRE
NON-locking gas cap (stainless, OE BMW). $12 ***SOLD***
NOS center resonator Genuine BMW. short canister style, not long resonator type) $90 plus s&h
74-76 plastic shift surround for console $12 3 of 4 tabs cracked.
rear side glass latches, some early, some later black type, poor cond but can be restored for sale
rocker panel long stainless trim pcs. 3 SETS $60/set plus s&h
early gray sill plates for top of rocker at door threshold. held w screws not clips. good cond $40/pr
assorted upper and lower trim pcs (aluminum and black insert) no long door pcs though. INQUIRE!
74-76 gauge cluster (no speedo), complete w faux wood fascia. NICE $80
known good 228mm clutch disk and release bearing (from my own car) $20 for both
plastic pre heat valve/box for stock carb air intake (mounts near radiator) $18
dash knobs, engine seals, coolant hoses, wiper linkages, steering column metal surrounds, ashtrays
early rebuild-able fuel pumps for side draft carb conversions, etc. x 2
rear quarter panel wheel arch repair panels. NOS genuine BMW (one PAIR) $80/PAIR

E mail me for photos of anything that piques your interest. Must clear out my basement before spring!

zenwrenchpaul at yahoo dot com



Paul Wegweiser

Owner: Zenwrench

Classic BMW Specialist

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Not sure what you are saying to me regarding under dash panels, thought I was first in line, Thanks Jim

Hey Jim, I have an fella named Reiley interested in the last super good one I have (and I never had any RIGHT side ones, only several of the LEFT hood release area ones - READ original POST). If you (Jim) are actually named Reiley, I sent a photo of it AND the gas cap to you about 2 hours ago.

E mail me directly (as requested in the original post), and we'll get it straightened out.


Paul Wegweiser

Owner: Zenwrench

Classic BMW Specialist

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