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Getting my 73 2002 on the road!

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I've read a number of the other build threads, and enjoyed them all, so I though I would contribute back. The process starts with my old hobby, motorbikes.


After our second kid, it was strongly suggested that motorcycles was no longer a safe hobby. Next thing you know, there was a bmw in the driveway! Here it is after failing safety.


A list of issues as long as your arm, one of which was 'major engine oil leaks'. A engine rebuild was deemed to be required (by me!). Just a little greasy.


So out comes the engine.


Looks like it wasn't running at its optimum either...


Now awaiting for the return. The engine builder came highly recommended, but unfortunately it seems every racer in town wants their engine rebuilt during the winter by this guy.


While up on blocks and during my tinkering, I noticed the old holes from the dealer installed radio, so a quick slice of the carpet and new speakers for a new stereo.


A zillion new parts, last time I had an engine rebuilt, I did it on the cheap (I was in school at the time) and always which I had done more. This time, I did everything! The highlight was new pistons!


While the engine was out, I sourced a low milage stock differential, and a stock 4 speed with fine splines on the output shaft. Both were treated to new seals all around and new oil.



Engine back from the shop, looks good!


New aluminum flywheel!


Going back in! Note to self, dont put the transmission linkage on first, it wont fit!


All running and ready to go home!


Take it from storage where I pulled and put the engine back in, to my home. I was checking the oil every time the engine was turned off, so I caught this quick. Milkshake (mixture of Brad Penn break in oil and antifreeze).


The ride home was the first time the engine was put under load, and the rad fluid blew through the aluminum head into the cam area (though one of the head bolt passages). Engine had about an hour of run time, as far I can tell, less than 15 minutes with the leak.

3rd try lucky, with the first head leaking, the second had melted journals, the 3rd head seems be good, and was rebuilt and put on. Mmmm, lots of lube!


Journals on the head were enlarged, so I couldn't use the cam I bought for the rebuild (Ireland 292). Not sure what cam I have now, but pretty sure its a BMW sport 300, I'll see how it performs when I get some real miles on the car, but at least the head doesn't leak anymore!

New rear brakes, new bulbs almost for every light, considerable electrical work, some new gaskets (to eliminate exhaust smell in the cab) and now running and passed safety!


Carb needs some further tuning though, and it needs new fuel hose and the filter to be moved (vapour locks), but need to wait for some warm weather and the snow to melt first!

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