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OT: 1982 528E

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I am buying my daughter a new Honda Civic and selling her 528E. It has served us well for the last 1.5 years.

It has just over 140K original miles on it. It had been sitting for almost 2 years when I bought it. We went through everything to make it safe for my daughter to drive to school and to work every day.

The fabric on the top of the lower cushion (in the center) of the rear seat has started to come apart. And. although the fronts have been covered with sheepskins most of their life, the fabric there is also falling apart. The sun makes the cloth brittle enough to start falling apart. Strangely enough, the top of the rear seat's back cushion is NOT falling apart.

The exterior is unbelievable... All original paint with no sun or accident damage.

The original owner bought this beauty in Irvine in 1982 and garaged it at home and at work. When her husband could no longer drive, they decided to use his Mercedes S320 instead and parked the 528e in the garage. They finally reached a point when it no longer made sense to keep it and tried to sell it "as is" (would not start, covered in dust, sitting in the garage). The eventually accepted my offer and I sent it to Eurotech in Mission Viejo to be fully sorted out.

Everything works and the car drives great.

The car and I are located in Irvine. I will have pictures next week (after it stops raining).

I will be looking to get at least $4K on Craigslist (advertise it for $5K and take $4K). I will offer here to my '02 friends for $3500.

BTW, it is Baltic Blue Metallic with a light cream cloth interior. And, it is an automatic transmission.

Brian Foster

PRSNCAT at GMail dot com

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