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Looks like I might have a disaster on my hands. The car in question is a '73 tii.

I was driving it daily while rebuilding the transfer case on my iX, about 2 weeks. Driving normally, about 25mph, the car lost power bigtime. Under acceleration it makes a nasty knocking noise, but smooths if given very light throttle. (This was on the 2 minute drive home, Im not driving it now)

It cranks funny and runs on 2 cylinders. I can pull plugs 3 and 4 with no change. I pulled the valve cover, no broken rockers. Drained the oil and fished around with a magnet, No metal. It has spark and fuel.

Did it spin 2 bearings? I could use some suggestions as I have never seen or heard a car blow a bearing/rocker or anything catastrophic.

The cap/rotor/wires all look fine, and the motor is relatively fresh and has never given me any headache.

pulling the pan is next but I could use some insight before jumping to conclusions.



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I dunno. I'm still thinking ignition.

Pull the coil wire and crank it. Pull the fuel pump fuse too. Does it still sound funny cranking?

M10's don't just blow up.

Or if they do, run a compression test too!



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Yeah, I'd check the easy stuff first.

1. Verify spark or no spark at 3 & 4 spark plugs.

2. If no spark, check dist cap, rotor, etc...

If there wasn't an obvious moment that you heard something break, I'd really go through the electrical system...

Good Luck!


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Classic cylinder head gasket failure between 3 & 4. The F Bomb did that in NC last spring. Thanks to the assistance of Ben T (and the countless folks handing me tools and towels!), I drove it home the next day!

Now.... find out WHY it blew. In my case, it was a fluking ignition distributor causing all kinds of insane timing settings - and heat build up in the cylinders!


Paul Wegweiser

Owner: Zenwrench

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It cranks funny and runs on 2 cylinders.

What Paul said- do a quick compression test, and see what it shows.

If it's even across all 4, he's wrong. If 2 adjacent cylinders

are very low, he's nailed it.

I fear he's right.


"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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COMPRESSION test please

p.s. what does the coolent look/smell like?

and maybe if you wernt working on an ix

this wouldntve happened

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