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Rear seat fitting


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I did a quick cheap and cheerful re-upholstery of the rear seats (new batting and plain pleather covers) and am now trying to re-fit them in the car. The rear back rest is in position, and I've tightened down the two screws in the two tabs against the bulkhead. The trouble is that the seat base is a tight fit, and I don't seem to be able to get it all the way under.

There are two tabs/brackets under the bench seat, one of which is visible in the photo below:


is this tab supposed to go behind the vertical panel, or in front of it? Any tips on how to get the seat into the correct position would be welcome!

Here are the seats: I'm not delighted with the rumples in the back rest, but for a few hours of work and $50 worth of materials, I'm not complaining :-)


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Yeh, that's what I thought, but I'm having a hard time getting the seat to push far enough back. Also, those tabs are bent the wrong way to "hook" under the lip on the vertical panel, which is confusing.

in my experience even on newer cars you dont want to the tab to hook onto anything, the curved portion faces forward and bends back a little but keeps pressure against the seat mounting surface as its pushed into pace, otherwise if it hooked into place after the seat was in position it would be a bitch to get back out.

this is how ive always done it, since those clips are kind of a pain and usually are a tight fit i align the seat first push it back as far as i can into place then give it a good punch right above the clip, it should pop right into place or the other method is just sit directly on the seat above the clip and it should easily pop into pace under your weight, just make sure everything is aligned properly dont want to break/bend tabs the wrong way

its always worked for me in the past when i was pulling rear seats out to detail cars

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