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Help starting my car (dead battery)

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My 72 02 has been sitting in storage for +6 months and now the battery is dead.

I tried to boost the car from my 03 VW and it doesn't seem to do anything.

Am I doing something wrong?

The 2002 has a little bit of a charge. It cranks about 3 times before there isn't enough juice to crank the starter motor. When hooked up to the VW, it doesn't seem to make any difference.


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Guest Anonymous

First terminology: if it cranks three times, it is the starter motor that is making the engine turn over.

You aren't getting power from the VW to the BMW, so check cable connections, and ensure everything is clean and tight. Ground the neg.. jumper cable to the 2002 engine rather than the battery.

You can also push start the 2002, and then when it is running it will charge the battery if the battery will still take a charge. Get it moving downhill or tow it and let the clutch out with it in third or fourth gear.

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take the battery out of the car. put it on a charger for a day or two. check the voltage. if 12.6 or greater, put it back in the car and try starting it again.

while it is out of the car, check and clean all the positive and negative (grounds) in the starting system.

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Had dead battery in my dads 2005 durango

in a parking lot of a CVS. Called my uncle

to jump me but the thing wouldn't even

crank over. He took me to a chain auto

store and I bought a battery and went

back and dropped it in. The car started

like normal. Some batteries may just

have absolutely no life in them. Just my .02

Try taking a known good battery and

using it to start the car.

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As said before if the battery is really dead it will do no good also check on the connections again.

It's always better to charge it off the car and remember to remove the vent caps you don't want those things blasting through the air and spilling acid all over the place.

You can also try to use the other cars' battery to start the 02 w/out going through the dead battery.

Another good idea is to check how much voltage is being drained when you crank the starter. If it drops below 9-8v then the battery is no good.

Good luck.

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